Active Monday -17

motivation tipps

Hi everyone from 17. Active Monday Week. I hope you all get well. As always I have some usefull tipps and a workout video full with energy and joy. 

Health tipps this week

Let the sun shine in your heart

We're in the middle of spring. Sunny days are more often now. But the loss of fatigue and motivation in the spring is also often seen. What I can do against this?  I wanted to give a few tips.

Learn to be positive

Our brain can be trained to think positively. Although early times are difficult and requires some effort, once you start thinking positive, everything will be easier.

Get away from negative people

Negative people also reduce our energy and motivation. Stay away from people like this.


Exercise against the fatigue and low motivation will be very good for you.

Work with things that make you happy

Make fun hobbies and take your hobbies in your spare time.

This week I chose a dance workout video to increase your motivation and to let you start the week with pleasure. Don' t worry, be happy :)

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