No Need For A Double Check, Just Go For A Deck

What is a Deck?

In a garden, a deck is considered to be a flat surface which functions as a floor. Decks are basically extensions of the flooring, constructed outside your house, which comes with a lot of added benefits. These extended floors are often elevated a bit from the ground. In the last few years, the popularity of such decks or decking are reaching new heights, that is mainly because of the numerous advantages that come with building such decks, both aesthetically and practically. But building a deck comes with a lot of added questions. Some of them being as follows:

What Material Should Be Used For Building Decks?

Usually, most decks are made out of wood. But decks may also be made of materials like PVC and vinyl. These are low maintenance decking, means these are easier to maintain than that of the wooden ones. Having a low maintenance deck is a lot less stressful and comes with a few more added features. Such as:

  1. PVC and vinyl are not going to rot, splinter or get damaged by weather conditions like wood usually do.
  2. No staining and sealing are required when materials such as PVC and vinyl are used.
  3. Such decks are much more durable and stronger.
  4. The option of colour is much more in such decks.

But even with so many advantages, most people tend to go for the wooden ones, mostly because decks are traditionally meant to be wooden. It looks more original and fresher when they are made out of wood. Here are some of the benefits of using wood as a material to build decks:

  1. Wood is actually the most affordable material for decking purposes.
  2. Wooden decks are far more aesthetically pleasing to look at.
  3. Longevity of wooden floors is an important factor for its popularity.
  4. Wood is customizable and can be carved into different structures and can be painted with various stains.

All these advantages aside, one question that can be overwhelming when one considers wooden decks, is that what kind of wood one should use for the purpose?

What Is The Best Kind Of Wood Suitable For Decking?

Deckings are usually busy places with people walking on them throughout the year in different conditions. Keeping this in mind, one must make sure that the wood they choose to make a deck off is not prone to wear and tear and must be extremely durable. One must keep in mind the different weather conditions the deck has to face and choose a wood according to that. One such example would be using a timber that is resistant and adapted to heavy rain if the usual weather in the area is rainy.

Some of the popular woods used for decking are as follows:

  • European Redwood
  • British Sweet Chestnut
  • Canadian Western Red Cedar

Alternative Materials For Building Decks: Wood Composites

Wood composite is a material made up of different wood fibres, which are bound together with a sort of adhesive or binding agent. Wood composites are popularly known as man-made wood since it is engineered artificially and does not occur naturally, they are prone to absorbing more water, which further leads to damage of the material. 

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Are Decks Worth It?

Decking is an extremely useful structure, they can be used to extend your living space, level out ground that is uneven, adds to the aesthetic appeal of your house, can be used as an area for entertainment purposes and a lot more advantages. All these things make decks an invaluable part of the house. Thus, it’s an investment worth making.

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