Affordable Style: Reviewing My Latest Shein Jacket Purchase and Unveiling the Black Friday Bargain!

Hello everyone. Today, I'm here with another style post. I wanted to talk about the lightweight winter jacket I recently purchased. My jacket is from the Shein brand, but before placing an order from there, be sure to read the article I wrote about the price differences in the brand. This way, you won't end up paying more for the same products.

The jacket has a classic cut and is buttoned on both sides. I was concerned that it might be too thin, but I liked the quality of the fabric. It's neither too thick and heavy nor too thin, just as I wanted. I find such jackets very useful, especially when I need to wear them in a warm place. This is particularly important when I have to carry it in my hands.

Additionally, the length of the jacket is exactly what I wanted. I have a long black coat, and I wanted one that is shorter as well.

Price check on Shein App and Shein web page

I bought the jacket during the Black Friday sale and, with my coupons, I ended up getting it for a very low price, around €11. However, since I noticed that there are different prices on the app and website, I'll make an effort to provide both prices in my future Shein purchases.

This is the price of Shein web page

And this is the price of Shein App. I recommend you to buy it from App. But sometimes the web page prices are lower, so be careful bu every order.
Don't forget to read my article about that to pay the lower price by every Shein order.

Short Black Coats From Amazon

Alternatively I want to recommend you some beautiful short black coats from Amazon:

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