Digging Deeper: Unraveling the Critical Price Discrepancies Between Shein's App and Website – A Shopper's Investigative Report

An Honest Shein Customer

As all my readers know, Shein is one of the brands I have been shopping with for many years. I am not an affiliate, nor do I have any business relationship with the company. I only occasionally share the links to Shein products on Amazon, of which I am a sales partner. I pay for all the products I buy and share with you. That's why it's so comfortable. Just as I write an honest review about a product I like, I also write an honest review about the points I don't like. Also, I am a honest Shein customer for a long time.
Today I wanted to warn all my readers about the price differences in Shein products.

Different Prices At Shein App and Shein Web Page-How Is That Possible?

Recently, we were looking for a pair of thermo pants from Shein for my husband. I sent the links of the models I found on the Shein app to my husband so that he could choose the model he liked. The price my husband told to me was 10€ cheaper than the Shein App price. I thought it might be a mistake and I tried the same with other products in my wishlist. There were differences in each product, but some products were cheaper on the App while others were more expensive.
I opened the Shein website from my laptop and logged into my account. At the same time, Shein App was open on my phone. I could not believe my eyes. There was a difference in price for each product, but some were cheaper on the Shein App while some were cheaper on the website. Same account, same moment. What is the reason of these price gaps at Shein?

Shein Support 

I decided to write to Shein support. Unfortunately, I could only reach robot support via social media. It didn't understand any of my messages. Even though I wrote in English, I kept getting a warning to write my messages in English. I tried it from the app and the web page and support came up as a robot again. Finally, after trying for long hours, the e-mail writing section was opened in the App. After sharing a few price differences that I took screenshots of, I will also tell you how to reach this section.

As you can see the product price is 49,95 at Shein App and 38,50 at the web page. This is a big difference.

This is the app price: 13,20

Web page price 15,29

App price 16,80

Web page price 21,14

The app price 2€

Web page price: 2,25

Can you imagine the huge price difference you will pay for a large purchase?

File Compliant on Shein- Shein email support

First, log into your Shein account. From the FAQ section How to file a compliant? Turn on the option.

In the File compliant section, you will see the Please select your question type section.

I chose the option unable to understand/resolve my problem.

I added a link to one of the products with a price difference in the Please select your service record ID section. I wrote the problem in the Describe your question section below and added a picture.
Within 24 hours, they responded to the email address where my customer account is located and said they would take care of this problem.
I waited for a few days but there was no response. I wrote again and stated that I wanted to receive a satisfactory and logical answer. There has been no response so far, but if there is, I will update my article and let you know.
In light of all this I have shared, I can say that as someone who has been shopping online for years, this is the first time I have encountered such a problem. I want to believe that the Shein brand, one of the best-selling Chinese brands, will solve this problem. From now on, when I order, I will compare the prices on my laptop and the App and order from the cheapest place. But we probably have the right to expect more meticulous work from a world-famous brand.
I recommend you make these comparisons before ordering. Thus, you do not have to pay a more expensive price for the same product.
I would also suggest that they bring a system that can help human customers in a humane way, instead of robot support that does not even understand what the problem is and can only answer some fixed questions given to it.

Ps: I am not accepting comments on my blog but if the company wants to contact me about this issue of price gaps they can reach me on my mail deriasworld1@gmail.com . I promise that I will publish the brand explanation too.

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