Stylish Summer Fashion Haul: An Unforgettable Shopping Experience with My Daughter


Hello everyone! I'm here with an amazing summer fashion shopping post. And guess what? I have a great support with me today. My daughter!!! I had some orders from Shein for both of us, and I will also talk about other clothes mentioned in the post.
As I mentioned in all of my posts, I don't accept gifts from Shein, nor am I an affiliate (I am only using my amazon affiliate link and my customer reference link in this article). We worked on a few gift-based collaborations in the past, but they expected a lengthy blog post in return for sending a single t-shirt or dress. That's why I decided to stop working together. Talking about the clothes I buy with my own money seems more appealing to me. Plus, I can honestly critique any shortcomings I see.

Girl Style

Young people first:) I will start with the t-shirts and shorts that I ordered for my daughter. 

I must say that the shorts are very good quality fabric and exactly for hot summer days. But the t-shirts as always with high polyester. I wish that they use it less. But the prints are very unique and stylish, so she loves to wear them.

The shorts have a skirt look. I find these kind of shorts very useful for kids.

This wonderful dress is from a small local fashion shop near me. It was a love at first sight for me and I think it suits her perfectly.

Mom's Style

And now the older ladies:) This cotton summer jacket is wonderful. A perfect jacket for spring and sommer.

I have an incredible fondness for t-shirts and blouses. While I opt for more classic styles when buying pants and skirts that I can use for a long time, I love the variety when it comes to t-shirts and blouses.

Beige is definitely one of my favorite colors. I can't get enough of it throughout the year. It's also easy to combine with different colors.

And more blouses:) Blue flower patterned blouse. Elegant but also casual.

I tried to showcase both wearing t-shirts and blouses tucked in or left untucked, apart from skirts or pants. Personally, I think both styles look great.

As you see I bought a lot of different colored and patterned blouses. The prices are really cheap between 5 or 10 $. So I have plenty of clothes all summer long.

Casual look

And a more sporty look with the same blouse. The jeans jacket is from C&A. The jacket was the same price as Shein ( almost 28$) that' s why I bought it from a shop near me.

The only item I was indecisive about during my shopping was this white dress. I think my only negative criticism will be directed towards it. The dress turned out to have a much wider cut than what I saw in the picture, and the fabric is quite thick and stiff. I washed it once, and I'm curious if it will change. However, since it was quite cheap, I didn't consider returning it.

And the best at last. 2 dresses that I am definitely very happy to order. 

I love love love this pink dress. It keeps me cool on hot summer days, as the fabric is very lightweight and comfortable. It looks great with various types of footwear like sneakers, sandals, or ballet flats.

Summer Ballerinas

I just love orange and yellow in summer. Especially in accessoires. But I wasn't sure about yellow shoes. Now I am happy for this order too.

I ordered my ballet flats from Zalando. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I purchased Anna Field bags during the winter. Once again, I ordered two pairs from Anna Field in a single package. They are extremely comfortable and soft. I haven't worn ballet flats since my younger years because I couldn't find a model that fits my feet well. Due to the slightly wide structure of my feet, I don't feel comfortable in narrow-toed shoes. Since I already have two yellow bags at home, the yellow ballet flats especially made me happy.

If you want to have 10% off your shein order, you can use my customer reference link: 

And of course you can check also shein amazon shop . I am ordering also from Amazon because I have a Prime account and the return process is easier.
I hope you liked my article about summer fashion and clothing style. Shopping during the summer months is enjoyable. While I tend to focus more on basic clothing during winter, I allow myself to be more free in terms of style during summer. I believe the outcomes are good as well :)


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