Last Black Friday Orders For 2022

Hello to everyone. Today I would like to share my last Black Friday 2022 orders with you. I am proud of my minimalistic shopping this year and I hope it will be the same next year.

My 2 sweaters are from shein amazon. One Mocca brown and one black sweater. They are really very comfortable and perfect for daily winter style. The prices were also very ok.

My black tote bag is from Even&Odd. I love big bags because I love to have everything that I possibly need or not:) in my bag. 

My camel brown bag is also from Even&Odd. I love this color.

These were my last orders for this year. I don't know if I need more items for winter time but I will prepare a must-have list for spring soon. 

  • All items are products that I buy and not gifts. The article includes one affiliate link. That means I receive a small commission if you buy but you don't need to pay more.
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