2022 Last Shopping Tours-Check My Black Friday Orders

Hello everyone. I haven't done a lot of clothes shopping this year. I can say that I bought mostly summer dresses. But at the end of the year, I will share a few shopping posts with you.
Actually, these are the ones I ordered during Black Friday, taking advantage of the discounts. As the orders reach my address, I will try them and write my impressions.

As you know, although I am not satisfied with a product or two from Shein from time to time, it is a brand that I usually shop for a lot of things. The reason for this is that my daughter also likes trendy clothes and accessories, and can buy clothes very cheaply with coupons and discounts. In fact, when you install the app and check in every day, you can get points and deduct them from your shopping. If you review your orders you receive also points and you can use them for the next order.
Apart from these advantages, the shipping is fast and the packaging is of good quality. But I don't know much about return, I haven't had anything to send back so far. I am trying to order carefully but if I have experience in returning I will share it too.

My last orders were actually spring and summer blouses, but I couldn't resist when the prices were so affordable. I also bought two very nice leggings.
Today I want to talk to you about two ways to actually order from shein. The first is to go to the page and shop using the link I will give you at the end of my article.

The second way is to order from amazon. It is possible to reach many products that are also available on Shein's own page in the amazon shop. I ordered some of the ones I bought today from amazon and some from the shein page. There is no difference between prices. You can also have an advantage in returns since amazon customer service works very well.

You can also wear blouses with a cardigan or jacket in wintertime. 

How to order shein clothes from amazon?

It's very easy to order shein clothes from amazon. You just need to go to shein shop on amazon. You will find hundreds of items to buy.

Besides my nature walks or workouts, I wear leggings also at home. They are very comfortable.

 Shein order link: https://shein.top/6n7b7ka

Amazon order link: https://amzn.to/3Frzvxn

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