Black Fluffy Jacket & Yellow Handbag & Flower Baseball Cap

This week the children had a semester break. Taking the opportunity that the weather was very beautiful, we walked with my daughter and went shopping. I had to buy a lot of new clothes for my daughter. The children grow up so quickly ... If I can take a picture, I will write what I bought to him, but today I am talking about my black puffy jacket, yellow bag and the flower baseball cap that I just bought myself.
If you remember, I wrote my pink fluffy jacket a while ago.  I was very pleased, so I bought the black of the same model. Since my black jacket in the house is very thick, it is better to wear medium-thick jackets in the warm days of winter.

Let me give you a tip for the jacket I bought from the Clockhouse section of the C&A store. Since the sizes of Clockhouse are a bit small, it would be better if you choose one or two sizes larger. You can try them at the store but you have to be careful at online shopping.

Yellow is very fashionable this year. It is possible to see yellow colours everywhere from shoes to bags, overcoats to clothes. I bought a beautiful yellow bag in the summer and wore it for a wedding. But in daily use, small bags are not enough for me. So I was looking for a bigger yellow bag and I liked it when I saw this bag. It looks small but very useful. It also has a separate mini bag, to put your items like a wallet, phone, etc. If you want, you can take the bag inside and put it in the other bag while changing the bag. So you won't forget your stuff. I find the bag very suitable for everyday use.

I was looking for a baseball cap that would fit my head for a long time. It is very practical to use it in summer by walking or at the pool. When I tried this floral hat, I was glad that I found the model I wanted and immediately bought it :)

Two new pieces of jewellery were my last shopping. I love ring earrings.

Jacket: C&A (Clockhouse)
Bag: C&A (Clockhouse)
Baseball Cap: C&A (Clockhouse)
Earrings: NewYorker

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