How To Move House On A Budget

No matter what your reasons for moving home or what your budget actually is, the fact is that there are costs you’ll need to think about, and you will have to spend some money. Not only will you have to pay a deposit for your new property, but you’ll also have to pay off your utility bills, and you’ll need to spend money on the moving process itself. All in all, it can add up to a lot, and if you’re not expecting it, it can be a nasty surprise. 

This is why it’s good to work out what it’s all going to cost ahead of time. You can then also work out your budget and determine where savings can be made. With this in mind, read on to find out how to move house on a budget so you don’t have to feel stressed and you can move to your new home in a positive way. 

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Something that can help a lot when it comes to moving on a budget is decluttering ahead of the moving day itself. To begin with, you’ll have a much better idea of what the removalists will have to move, ensuring you can get a more accurate quote when you search for specialists on iMOVE. This will help you know how much you’ll be spending so you can ensure you put that money to one side. 

On top of this, decluttering can help you make money. Depending on the items you’re getting rid of, it might be possible to sell them rather than simply throw them out. The money you make doing this can go towards your move. This is why, if you want to try this idea, you need to do it well in advance of your moving date. 

Move In The Off Season 

Depending on your situation, you might not have any real choice when it comes to precisely when you move home, but if you can choose, opt for the off-season rather than the peak when things are very busy. The off-season tends to be through the winter, especially close to Christmas or new year. Since fewer people are moving at this time of year, you can pick a date that works for you, and you should be able to save money. Although if you are buying a house this may not be possible, if you are moving into rented accommodation you have a lot more choice. 

Even if you are moving in the height of summer you can still find ways to save. For example, if you move mid-week rather than closer to a weekend, this will be less expensive. 

Clean Yourself 

You’ll want to leave your current home in a good, clean state, especially if you are renting, as leaving things dirty could count against you in terms of getting your deposit back. However, professional cleaning companies are expensive, and it just might not be possible to include one in your budget. 

In this case, you’ll need to clean your home yourself. This might seem like a daunting task, but it’s all down to good planning. If you clean a room once it has been packed up, then all you’ll need to do on moving day is quickly vacuum and perhaps dust. It won’t be such a big task, and it won’t cost you much, either. 

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