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Reese Witherspoon is a well-known American actress, especially since winning the 2006 Oscar for best female lead in Walk the Line. She has proven to be just as successful in character roles as she is in comedy and romance.

Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon was born on March 22, 1976 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and spent the first four years of her life in Wiesbaden, Germany, where her father was a physician with the US Force Wiesbaden. In 1980, the family returned to her father's birthplace, Nashville, where she grew up with her brother, John Draper, three years her junior.

Reese Witherspoon started acting at the age of 7. First she appeared in a few commercials, only to win a talent competition when she was 11 years old. In 1991, Reese Witherspoon got her first major appearance in Robert Mullingan's The Man in the Moon. Two more films followed shortly thereafter: Wildflower and 1992's Desperate Choices. After high school, Reese Witherspoon made two more films, Jack the Bear (1993) and A Far Off Place (1993), before turning to studying English literature at Stanford University, which she dropped out to pursue acting.

In 1996, Reese Witherspoon filmed Fear and Freeway. Reese Witherspoon received a Golden Globe nomination for the film Election in 1999. Two years later, she succeeded in starring in the film Legally Blonde! the ultimate breakthrough. The film was so successful at the box office that Reese Witherspoon was cast in Part 2 and Part 3 shortly thereafter.

She won the 2006 Oscar for Best Female Lead for her role in Walk the Line (2005). For this film and her role as June Carter, Reese Witherspoon sang some of the songs herself. In 2007, the political thriller Powerless followed. Reese Witherspoon went on to do some romantic comedies, mostly with a love triangle in mind, such as How Do You Know It's Love, Water for the Elephants and There's Trouble. Reese Witherspoon regained critical acclaim with her role in Mud and has since returned to more challenging films, including Devil's Knot and The Good Lie. In early 2012, Witherspoon was presented with the script for The Great Trip - Wild and she immediately accepted. Reese Witherspoon received another Oscar nomination for Best Actress for her role in the truth-based story, which will be released in 2015.

Reese Witherspoon married Ryan Phillippe on June 5, 1999, with whom she has two children. Ava was born on September 9th, 1999 and Deacon was born on October 23rd, 2003. The couple separated in 2006. After dating Jake Gyllenhaal, whom she met while filming, Reese Witherspoon married acting agent Jim Toth in 2011.

Reese Witherspoon generally prefers a feminine casual style in her daily life. However, we can often see the beautiful star in vintage-style dresses.

She prefers classic and elegant models that do not go too far in award ceremonies.

She prefers classic and elegant models that do not go too far in award ceremonies.

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