Outdoor workout- Nature instead of a gym: 5 ideas for outdoor sports


Outdoor workout

Nature instead of a gym: 5 ideas for outdoor sports

Get out of the studio, we're training outside today! Now all you're missing is the right outdoor sport that suits your everyday life and your preferences? We've got a few ideas.

It's always worth starting a new sport. Outdoor fitness is fun and also particularly effective. Even in the middle of the city, an outdoor workout is highly recommended, according to a study by the University of Copenhagen. It doesn't matter whether it's city air, a forest, or a mountain panorama: the constantly changing outdoor conditions challenge our bodies and mind. Bumpy paths, headwinds that blow in our faces, or climbs for which we have to gather strength - all of this puts more strain on muscles and tendons than the indoor gym. At the same time, we train our attention and ability to react. Another plus for those who are lazy about fitness: time passes much faster during outdoor sports than on the monotonously whirring treadmill.

This is how you find the right outdoor sport for you

Now all you need is the right type of sport that suits your preferences and your everyday life? With the following questions you can find out in which direction you should go:

  • Which sport would be good for me right now?
  • What physical requirements do I bring with me?
  • What do I need now - action and challenge or rather rest and balance?
  • What did I enjoy as a child?
  • How could I rediscover this joy for myself?

5 ideas for outdoor sports

1. jogging

The classic among outdoor sports. But boring? no way!

Suitable for: everyone who wants to improve their physical condition

Equipment: Be sure to get advice on the right running shoes from a specialist shop.

Good for: endurance and the cardiovascular system

Tips for getting started: Don't go full throttle straight away, three sessions a week of 30-60 minutes each is a good start. Vary your running distance as your fitness increases. Fitness apps like “Runtastic” offer entry aids.

2. Bodyweight exercises

Getting your body in shape without fitness equipment is the idea behind the big bodyweight training trend.

Suitable for: everyone, both beginners and advanced

Equipment: A mat is enough, also include your surroundings: Park benches or tree trunks serve as push-up helpers.

Good for: the muscles in the middle of the body, the so-called "core"

Tips for getting started: Start moderately with two to three units of 45 minutes each per week. Apps like "Freeletics" or "Kernwerk" support outdoor workouts.

3. Calisthenics

"Calisthenics" comes from Greek and means "good strength". This sport is also based on bodyweight exercises and is very popular in New York.

Best for: Anyone who wants to increase their body control and build strength

Equipment: Scaffolding, poles, and benches in playgrounds or in your own sports parks and outdoor fitness facilities

Good for: the whole body

Tips for getting started: Start with basic exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, and squats. You can approach more difficult exercises step by step. Calisthenics workouts are available on YouTube, for example.

4. Swimming

Whether in the outdoor pool or in the lake - swimming is fun and has been attracting more attention since the trend towards wild swimming (even in the cold season!).

Suitable for: everyone, especially people with joint problems

Equipment: It is worth investing in well-fitting swimming goggles – these are also available with prescription lenses.

Good for: especially the shoulders, the pumping capacity of the heart, and lung volume

Tips for getting started: Swimming lessons for adults refresh old techniques. Start with the breaststroke, the front crawl is much more strenuous. Two to three times a week for 45-60 minutes each is a good start.

5. Qigong

The outdoor sport for more serenity: The Far Eastern meditation, concentration, and movement exercises make us balanced.

Suitable for: everyone who feels stress-related tension in their back, legs, and shoulders and finds it difficult to switch off

Equipment: a nice outdoor resting place

Good for: body awareness and inner balance

Tips for getting started: In order to do the exercises consciously and correctly, it makes sense to attend a course. Beginners train for 20-40 minutes three to five days a week.

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