The Language of Flowers - What Flowers Are Telling To Us

I have been planning to write an article about the meaning of flowers for a long time. As Valentine's Day is approaching, I want to write about this subject in detail and give you beautiful flower suggestions.

''Red roses as the epitome of endless love, yellow chrysanthemums as a lucky charm for a long life: Flowers enchant the recipient and at the same time convey a very special message. Most of the time, the meaning of gorgeous flowers depends on their color, shape, or bloom. But myths and legends from earlier times also influence the meaning!''

The language of flowers - What flowers are telling to us

Pictures and looks sometimes say more than a thousand words - it's the same with flowers. For several hundred years, people have been using blooming gifts to communicate with each other without words. The hieroglyphs of the Egyptians already ascribed a special meaning to flowers. In the 18th century, they finally acquired an individually fixed meaning. With the help of floriography - i.e. the language of flowers - lovers have been expressing their feelings ever since.

Express feelings with the language of flowers

So what could be a better messenger of deep feelings and sensibilities than beautiful flowers that bring joy at every sight? So let us explain the language of flowers so that you always give your loved one the right gift:


Hardly any flower combines as many meanings as the magnificent white lily: it stands for femininity, transience, purity, love, and fertility. In history, the lily has been considered a message of love, especially since the Victorian era - but the ancient Egyptians also noticed the sweet fragrance and the elegant shape of the flower and therefore made the lily a symbol of femininity. In Christianity, on the other hand, the elegant flower stands for purity and therefore often adorns the table decorations at weddings.


Make the perfect gift with heart and devotion - this is possible with the classic tulip and its meaning. It represents profound love and is therefore the perfect gift for your partner, children, or other close family members. In spring, tulips also symbolize rebirth - making them an ideal gift for the beginning of a new chapter in life or for giving birth.


Pink, white, or red carnations express gratitude, love, and good luck. These flowers are therefore ideal as a gift for the family, but also for work colleagues or friends whom you congratulate and wish luck. In yellow, however, the carnation stands for disappointment and rejection, in purple it symbolizes unpredictability. That's why choosing the right color for your flower gift is crucial for the carnation!


Red stands for love and passion, and white symbolizes clarity and elegance: roses show a true variety of meanings in their wide range of colors. Give away soft pink roses when you are deeply grateful, orange-colored flowers more to celebrate a promotion or a new job. 

So the meaning of roses depends mostly on the choice of color! Incidentally, roses can also reflect a person's personality.


On a mythological level of meaning, columbine has possessed the ability to love magic since the ancient Greeks and also serves as an aphrodisiac for men. The plant is considered alluring with the delicate yet exotic appearance of the flowers. In Christianity, on the other hand, the columbine is known as a sign of humility and modesty. Due to the fascinating flowers and the different levels of meaning, it is particularly popular as a gift in romantic relationships.


The hyacinth is known as the messenger of spring and as the flower of the sun god Apollo, who symbolizes light and glory. The floral language of the Victorian era describes the hyacinth as a symbol of play and sport, meanwhile, the flower also expresses sincerity, affection, and beauty - especially in the color blue. The hyacinth is therefore always a suitable gift, especially for couples, but also for close relatives.


Dainty lilac flowers are the epitome of humility, modesty, restraint, and innocence. Anyone who chooses violets in a blue tone asks for patience and forbearance in the language of flowers. In ancient times, the gods especially valued the enchanting scent of the violet and therefore considered it to be the flower of love. Either way: the violet is a very popular gift because it is a unique eye-catcher with its radiant color and delicate petals, making it an excellent gift for your loved ones.


Chrysanthemums are a special highlight in every bouquet and therefore a gift that is often given away. The large, colorful flowers stand for happiness and freshness in floriography. Bright yellow chrysanthemums symbolize real happiness, while red blossoms illustrate love. But be careful: the color white in chrysanthemum blossoms is an expression of mourning and death. The white flowers, therefore, belong more in grave arrangements.


Formerly the jewelry of the harvest goddess Ceres, today a symbol of Romanticism: The cornflower as a symbol of the Romantic era stands for longing, connectedness as well as infinity, and love. As history progressed, it became a symbol of naturalness and myth. With its special flowers and expressive color, it enchants all recipients with its romantic, mythical charm.


The gladiolus is heroic and graceful with its pointed leaves and unique flowers. Since Roman times, the plant has combined properties such as strength, pride, admiration, and victory. The name derives from "gladius", the word for a Roman short sword. This makes the gladiolus the perfect gift after a well-deserved victory or an impressive performance! It is best to give the gladiolus as a gift to loved ones who were born in August. The sword flower is the birth flower of the summer month and illustrates the strong character of the birthday child.


"He loves me, he doesn't love me, he loves me..." - Margarite is already known to children and young people as a love oracle. But it is much more than a little game: With its white petals surrounding the radiant yellow head, the marguerite carries the meaning of naturalness and genuine happiness.


In a wide variety of colors, the primrose expresses the most important thing, namely love. With her, you not only give away a gorgeous flower but also your heart. Therefore, the primrose is the ideal gift, especially for lovers, to reveal their own feelings and to send a romantic message of love.


Everyone knows the story of Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection in the river. Thankfully, the flower's message is not associated with its mythological history. The early bloomer, which usually sees the light of day around Easter, is a symbol of fertility, freshness, and life. 

Which flowers stand for what?

Lilies combine many meanings: they symbolize femininity, transience, purity, love, and fertility. Passion and love are illustrated above all by roses, but also by tulips and primroses. Gratitude, love, and happiness are the meanings of the carnation, which in yellow also stands for disappointment and rejection. The columbine often serves both as a symbol of humility and modesty and as a sign of seduction and love. The delicate violet in lilac also stands for humility and modesty. The hyacinth is known as the flower of affection and beauty. Express happiness, cheerfulness, and freshness with the chrysanthemum and the daffodil. Shaped by the Romantic era, the cornflower still stands for longing, connectedness, and naturalness. The daisy is one of the flowers that express naturalness and true happiness. Gladiolus is the best choice when you want to express admiration and pride or celebrate a victory.

Which rose color has which meaning?

The color of roses plays a major role in meaning. While red roses traditionally represent love, pink and peach roses symbolize gratitude and admiration. Yellow roses radiate warmth and happiness, while white roses show clarity and elegance. Anyone who falls in love, at first sight, gives purple roses - these symbolize the uniqueness of the moment together.

Which plant represents strength?

Gladioli are probably the best-known plants that represent strength. Its name derives from the Latin word for "short sword" and gives it the heroic, proud effect. In the garden, the juniper is also a symbol of strength, as is the Gerbera.

Which flower color means what?

White represents purity, innocence, honesty, and elegance. Pink flowers symbolize tenderness, love, and longing. Red flowers such as roses are known for romantic love and passion. Radiant yellow flowers express warmth, happiness, and joie de vivre, but also sorrow and jealousy. Orange flowers unite energy, love of life, and optimism. In the language of flowers, a rich violet embodies characteristics such as humility, modesty, dignity, and trust. Blue, on the other hand, is the flower color of hope and loyalty.

Which flowers represent happiness?

In the language of flowers, the chrysanthemum in particular is considered a symbol of luck. But this meaning is also attributed to carnations and daisies.

Which flower represents new life?

At Easter time, the daffodil in particular is associated with new life and rebirth. But tulips also embody new beginnings and birth.

What is the flower of love?

The red rose is considered the flower of love. But also lilies, columbines, violets, carnations, and primroses are understood in different colors as a message of love.

Today I tried to write you about the language and meaning of flowers. The pictures show examples from the wowbouquet February 14 Valentine's Day collection. As this important day approaches, maybe you would like to present one of these beautiful flower arrangements to your loved ones.

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