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The book of Prince Harry of England Spare, which attracted great attention and sound even before it took its place on the bookshelves, is finally on sale. Those who wondered if Prince Harry would throw out the dirty laundry of the palace immediately entered the queue to acquire one.

What's in Prince Harry's book?

So, does Harry actually tell us things we don't know in the book? Of course, almost everyone knows that apart from special memories that we do not know, the function of the royal family is actually an embassy for England. Every meeting they attend, wearing elegant and expensive clothes like Hollywood stars, is widely covered in the press. And if they do some outreach work, they're polishing the image of England.

However, they have set such rules that it is very difficult to withstand both themselves and those who join the family. Already in the pictures, it is clear how nervous and stressed they are. For example, Megan looked like she had a cramp while she was at the palace, and now her bright eyes are shining. Honestly, I was also quite surprised that the conservative royal family accepted her when they got married. Although the Palast took steps towards modernization, it was quite a radical event for them to accept a half-black woman. The British press also slammed Megan, whom she praised at first, over time. They didn't even hesitate to seize and publish a letter she sent to her father.

For those who can't wait or don't want to read it all, here are the highlights from Harry's book:

What Prince Harry has to say about his brother William being the groomsman

We saw Prince Harry's brother, Prince William, as the groomsman at the wedding to Kate in 2011. However, Harry writes in his book that he was forced to play a game and only pretended to be the groomsman in front of the press because his brother's two best friends didn't want to be seen. The traditional groomsman speech at the wedding reception was given by William's friends James Meade and Thomas van Straubenzee. According to Harry, just hours before his wedding, Prince William was quite drunk and he told his brother that he smelled of alcohol.

Prince Harry escalates tensions with William

During an argument, Prince Harry was smashed on the floor by the shards of a broken dog bowl after being pushed violently by William. At least, this is how the 38-year-old prince describes what was probably the most violent conflict ever known between himself and his brother. "It all happened so fast. So fast. He grabbed my collar, tore off my necklace, and threw me to the ground." Prince William, 40, is said to have previously described Harry's wife, Meghan, as "difficult" and "rude", and then accused Harry's brother of adopting the British tabloids' narrative.

Was Prince Harry "Spare"?

The rivalry with the older brother is already reflected in the title of the book: Spare. According to reports, Harry claims that his father said so about him after he was born. The brothers, once considered inseparable and affectionately known as "Willy" and "Harold", have long faced each other in a fierce rivalry. In the book, Harry refers to William as "a dear brother" but also as an "enemy".

From his narration style, I got the impression that he was also jealous of his older brother. Of course, this is my personal opinion.

Prince Harry and the beard fight

Before Harry and Meghan's wedding, the two brothers were even said to have argued over Harry's beards. "At one point he ordered me to shave - stating that he was the future heir to the throne -" Prince Harry writes, according to a report by "Mirror" magazine about his brother. He says even the queen gave him consent to marry him with a beard. He accuses William of thinking that Harry shouldn't be enjoying something he can't do himself.

Prince Harry and "evil stepmother" Camilla

Harry writes that Camilla was recognized by him as his father's "other woman" at an early age. According to media reports, he says he fears she may become a "bad stepmother" after his mother's death. He accepted her into the family because it made Charles happy.

Although the two brothers told their father not to remarry, today's new king did not take this into account. As you know, Charles and Camilla got married in 2005. She is now the king's wife. Harry accuses her of secretly giving information to the press, like other royals.

Prince Harry and the jealous Charles

Prince Harry reportedly accused Charles of being jealous of his wife, Meghan. It is said that his father feared that the "young and bright" actress might steal the limelight from him. Referring to the popularity of his late mother, Princess Diana, Harry wrote, "his father had experienced this before and was afraid it would happen to him again." Charles is also said to be jealous of the public's interest in William and Kate.

In an interview, Megan also said that they advised her to dress more simply to avoid stealing a role from Kate. As you can see, there is competition between all of them :)

Death of  his mother Diana

The tragic circumstances surrounding the death of his mother, Diana, who died in an accident in Paris while fleeing the paparazzi in 1997, keep Harry busy to this day. He does not believe the result of the official investigation. He accuses the royal family of not allowing William and himself to publicly request the reopening of the investigation. He talks about his father's emotional coldness. According to the Sun newspaper, Harry complains that he did not hug him when he gave the shocking news of the accident. According to "People" magazine, the prince passed through the same tunnel at the speed of his mother's car and determined that the accident could not have happened at that speed.

Prince Harry and his first sexual experience

Harry also admits to using cocaine to "feel different" when he was 17. Later, he had other experiences with drugs. He claims he had his first sexual experience as a teenager with a much older woman in the field behind a bar. This section was also found unnecessary by critics and was highly criticized.

Prince Harry and his Nazi costume

Harry partly blames William and his wife Kate (40) for the biggest misstep in his teenage years. They are said to have encouraged him to attend a costume party dressed in a Nazi costume in 2005 – photos of Harry in this costume soon went viral, triggering a scandal. Harry had to apologize in front of everyone.

Prince Harry and 25 dead Taliban

On the other hand, he has no regrets about killing 25 Taliban fighters during his military service as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. "It didn't satisfy me, but I wasn't embarrassed," Harry wrote in Sky News. A senior Taliban member later accused Harry of war crimes. “The ones you killed were people, not pawns; They had families awaiting their return. said.

However, Harry defended himself by preventing the Taliban from killing innocent people.

Reactions from the royal family to the "Spare"

Despite having exposed the royal family in their dirty laundry, Harry said in an interview broadcast by ITV that he still believes in the monarchy, although he doesn't know if it will play a role for him in the future. At the same time, he emphasized that he wanted to "reconcile" with his family. But to do this, he added, it must first be clarified who contributed to the conflict and how.

Buckingham Palace, meanwhile, remains silent on the flood of claims and disclosures. In the British media, statements from the circle of Harry's older brother and father are increasingly taking place.

A friend of the two brothers told the Sunday Times that William, the 40-year-old, was "anxious and upset" and was boiling inside, but "will not reciprocate".

Harry's father was also "injured", according to media reports. According to the Sunday Telegraph, King Charles III. sees reconciliation with his youngest son as "the only way out of the mess". Accordingly, Harry and his wife are expected to be invited to the 74-year-old king's coronation on May 6.

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