The right skin care in winter: well-being from head to toe

The right skin care in winter: well-being from head to toe

Naturally beautiful and well cared for: real pampering moments and six valuable skin care tips for smooth skin in winter.

The first frost already gives you an idea - winter will soon be here and with it comes the time for warm woolen hats, thick winter boots, and cozy down jackets. We then like to withdraw into our own four walls and leave the low temperatures outside the front door.

Admittedly, the transition from being outside at home to being snuggled up at home is really hard on our bodies, because as the temperature drops, the skin’s motivation to produce sebum decreases, and our natural skin barrier becomes thinner and thinner. Time to lovingly dedicate yourself to the right skincare and to take good care of yourself. How to do this - we'll tell you. Let's read the tips for your winter skincare and your must-have beauty products for winter.


6 valuable skin care tips against dry skin in winter

1. Gentle cleansing as a basis

Yes, there is probably nothing nicer than taking a fragrant full bath after a long walk or a hard day at work and enjoying this benefit for what feels like an eternity. But be careful: If the water is too hot or the bath lasts too long, our skin is quite stressed in winter and loses moisture.

Alternatively, we recommend a warm shower with a pampering oil shower gel. It helps to gently cleanse the skin and supply it with moisturizing substances. Incidentally, peelings are taboo in winter! This only makes the skin's protective layer thinner and more sensitive.

In order to prevent dry skin, you should use nutrient-rich skincare for the winter in good time. After every bath or shower, provide your skin with rich care products - moisturizing body oils are also welcome, because these are usually quickly absorbed by the skin and give it even more elasticity. Pay particular attention to the areas around the elbows and knees - because this is where an extra portion of skin care is required in winter.

When cleaning your face in winter, you should also use warm water or gentle, non-foaming cleansing products. In this way, the natural protective acid mantle is not additionally attacked and the skin is nevertheless cleansed down to the pores.

2. Bad hair – I care: balm for the hair

Cozy wool hats, stylish headbands, warm ears. We probably only realize much later that our hair suffers from it. Well tucked under the hood or tied into an undone bun with a hair tie, you get so much less air than in summer.

Therefore, send your hair regularly for treatment, pamper it with intensive care and let your scalp breathe a sigh of relief. In this way, your hair is supplied with the necessary moisture and richly cared for even in winter. Be sure to turn down a few degrees when blow-drying - your hair will thank you.

Tip: Apply a pure coconut oil mask to hair overnight and wash it out the next morning. Be sure to wrap your hair in an old towel or cling film so you don't smear the whole bed with coconut oil.

3. Radiant with the right facial care

Our face is particularly at the mercy of the low temperatures. If you don't want to pull a scarf up to your eyes, a greasy, rich facial care product, cold creams, or skin oils will help to protect your facial skin from the effects of winter.

Ideal ingredients for facial care in winter are jojoba oil, argan oil, evening primrose oil, and ceramides. If you have impure skin, the base should not be too oily, otherwise, impurities will increase.

Nourishing care masks also offer a special pampering experience and are the ideal complement to facial care in winter. Pale, poorly circulated, or dry skin gets going again and you shine.
By the way, rich ampoules and serums provide even more moisture and resistance. Simply mixed into a day or night care and used regularly, they are the perfect support for your skin.

Tip: There are special outdoor face care creams for winter that protect your skin from the cold, wind, and sun. You should wear this defensive protective shield if you spend a long time outdoors in low temperatures.

4. Cherry red & buttery soft: How to care for your lips in winter

Our lips are sensitive and react particularly sensitively to the influences of winter. The skin here is almost 70 percent thinner and should therefore be cared for with particular care.

 Brittle and dry lips are no longer an issue with the right lip care. In the best case, they contain nourishing care substances, shea butter, beeswax, or zinc. Almond, olive, and jojoba oil are also excellent care partners for the lips. Also, make sure you have sufficient sun protection and renew your lip care regularly - especially if you spend a long time outdoors.

Tip: Honey is a particularly popular home remedy if you suffer from chapped, dry lips in winter. Simply apply undiluted to the dried-out areas and leave on for around ten minutes.

5. The right skin care against dry hands in winter

Our hands are also badly affected in winter. They are intensively exposed to changing temperatures and are also washed several times a day. Put a rich hand cream on your desk, next to the coffee machine, or on the toilet, and apply it to your hands several times a day.

Tip: If your hands are dry and badly strained, mix quark with honey and apply this delicious mixture to your hands. Put on light cotton gloves and let the pampering care work in overnight. A regular hand bath with olive oil can also work wonders for dry hands and makes them particularly tender.

6. A bit of wellness against dry feet

When was the last time you really spoiled your feet? Take a relaxing foot bath while reading a good book or watching your favorite series. Then remove excess calluses and apply a rich foot cream or butter to your feet. This way you avoid dry and rough skin and don't give open areas and calluses a chance.

Tip: Apply an extra thick layer of foot cream to dry feet before going to bed, put on light cotton socks, and leave the care product to work overnight. If you want something a little richer, get a foot mask from dm and let it soak into your skin overnight.

Can we also do something good for our skin?

Yes, we can - by taking care of our winter skincare on other occasions as well. This includes, for example, a refreshing timeout in nature. This is not only good for our immune system, but also for our skin - provided we have applied lotion and dressed warmly beforehand.

The right clothing is just as important in winter as the right skin care. It warms and protects the skin from external influences. Warm gloves should be your daily companions.

In order to give the skin the best possible support from within, it is important to drink enough water even in winter. Even if thirst is not as great at this time of year as in summer, the body always needs the same amount of liquid. The guideline is two liters per day – excluding mulled wine and coffee. Incidentally, herbal teas with warming spices such as ginger and chili help wonderfully to bring the body to a comfortable temperature.

The taste for fresh fruit and vegetables is not as pronounced in winter as it is in summer, but a balanced diet with lots of vitamins is still important and essential for beautiful skin.

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