Dissapointed With Shein Rings

Hello everyone. From time to time I buy things from the shein online shopping page. I am not an affiliate of the brand, nor do I have any blog partnerships. However, I prefer it sometimes with the opportunity to shop at an affordable price with discount coupons and fast shipping.
I must admit that not all of their products are of very high quality. Sometimes it doesn't come out as it looks in the picture, but this is a rare situation I come across. The reason I chose it, to be honest, is its affordable prices. This way, I don't spend a lot of money on clothes that can go out of fashion quickly or clothes that I can wear at home.
I bought a few rings in my most recent order. I wanted to buy it because I liked it in the picture and user comments. However, even the pictures that users send can be misleading.
I want to share what I bought with you and share my honest opinions.

Shein Rings

The white stone ring was my favorite of the ones I bought as a set. It looks beautiful. Of course, it is obvious that it is not silver or silver-plated.

I really liked the green stone of this ring. Unfortunately, the metal broke the first day I put it on. This disappointed me a lot. Yes, the price of the rings was very cheap, but I did not expect such a low quality even if it was cheap.

I really liked the model of this ring, which I bought with white and pink stones. These were the best quality models among all the rings that I ordered.

And the rest of the white stone ring set. I gave the small ones as gift to my daughter.

 Today I shared my shein ring order with prices between $1 and $3. I am aware that I should not expect very high quality for this cheap price. Even at home, I like to wear jewelry. I wear something different every day. However, even though they were cheap, I did not expect them to break immediately. It is really disappointing that the product you bought is broken and you cannot use it. In this case, it doesn't make any sense to be cheap.

 I don't want to be unfair to the brand either. There are many clothes that we order and wear with love, and I shared their articles with you. My only wish is that they pay the same attention to the quality of all their products in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

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