Active Monday-30 Minute Cardio Dance Workout & Turkey Slices In Coconut Milk

Hello from a new Active Monday in colorful autumn. These days, I do the most beautiful thing to do in autumn and take long nature walks. It is very nice to see the leaves and trees change color and to feel the autumn sun. In addition, for the long winter days, I strengthen my body and do my soul a favor.

Today I have a cardio dance workout for you. And tasty turkey slices in coconut milk recipe.

Turkey slices in coconut milk


600 g turkey breast

200 ml coconut milk

400 g peas with carrots (frozen)

some clarified butter

 Vegetable broth,

salt and pepper

curry powder

Basil, ground

Star anise, ground


Cut the turkey breast into strips and sauté in hot clarified butter. When the turkey strips have reached the desired level of browning, add the vegetables and coconut milk. Then add the vegetable broth to taste and simmer as needed. When the vegetables are done, season with star anise, curry powder, pepper, salt, and basil powder. Serve hot.

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