Active Monday-37 Min. Fat Burning Cardio Workout & Turkey Slices in Coconut Milk

Hello to everyone. How quickly time flies, right? I don't understand how a week goes by so fast. This is especially true when my kids are at school. Let's not miss the long nature walks while experiencing the most beautiful days of autumn. In addition, if we pay attention to our healthy diet, we will enter the winter months healthy and fit.
Today I have chosen fat-burning exercises and a healthy recipe for you again. Let's see what are my healthy living suggestions in Active Monday today:

Turkey slices in coconut milk


600 g turkey breast
200 ml coconut milk
400 g peas with carrots (frozen)
some clarified butter
n. B. Vegetable broth, instant
salt and pepper
curry powder
Basil, ground
Star anise, ground


Cut the turkey breast into strips and sauté in hot clarified butter. When the turkey strips have reached the desired level of browning, add the vegetables and coconut milk. Then add the vegetable broth to taste and simmer as needed. When the vegetables are done, season with star anise, curry powder, pepper, salt, and basil powder. Serve hot.

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