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Curateur has become one of the brands whose products I have frequently browsed recently. I have been wanting to write a blog post about this for a long time. As fall is approaching and brands are introducing their autumn collections one by one, I said it's time. I immediately chose a few examples from new arrivals and wanted to share them with you.
The Curateur's fall collection consists of street-style clothes that appeal to the modern city woman in general. Modern and stylish clothes that can be worn comfortably to work or for an appointment.
Leather pants, blouses, tight tops, and elegant yet casual jackets. They are all very beautiful clothes and I think they can be worn at any age.
As a middle-aged woman now, ageless clothing interests me a lot. The clothes that used to be seen as a necessity for over a certain age are not for my taste. I like more modern, casual and comfortable clothes. I am happy that there are so many options today.
Straw-looking bags in fall bags caught my attention. I use straw or canvas bags a lot in summer, but in autumn I prefer bags made of different materials. These bags can also be used at the beginning of autumn.
This elegant jacket can be combined with leather, fabric, or jeans. I think it would look great with boots.

A combination of an interesting cut blouse and leather pants. The shoulder part of the blouse is wide.

A blouse with autumn colors and leather pants.

Leather jackets never go out of fashion, do they? It can be combined with many outfits. The dress inside is also very suitable for autumn. If you don't use real leather and fur like me, you can choose imitation ones.

A bag that will warm us up in autumn with its cheerful colors.

I hope this will the first beginning between this brand and my blog. I would really like to share more in the future. It's always a pleasure for me to find new fashion brands.

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