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Hello everyone. You know, we talk about gaming sites from time to time. We like to recommend non-violent games for kids to play. The site we are going to talk about today is not just a game site, it contains many more features. Details are in our article.

Culinary Schools Games

We are talking about the culinary schools page, one of my favorites with its games that keep the kids busy on rainy summer days. The first advantage of the page for us was the fun games. The kids enjoyed playing different games that they liked on rainy summer holidays. We would like to tell you about two games that are among our favorites.

The first game that we tested is called Ultra Pixel Burgeria. This game is so brilliantly crafted and designed; that we can’t really describe in words how cool it is. From the title screen on, we knew that this game was going to be awesome. And we definitely weren’t wrong with that! The look and feel of the game have to be our  favorite aspects of it. It basically has these beautiful Pixel Graphics which we absolutely adore. The gameplay is also really simple, but really fun at the same time! The game starts you off with a tutorial to learn all the important mechanics. The character that gives you all the instructions and guides you through the tutorial is called “Chefe”. He is the chef in the kitchen, and you are supposed to be helping him out a little because he is also the only chef there. You play in the kitchen of a Burger Restaurant, meaning that you have to assemble burgers and drinks for the customers. As you progress through the game, you unlock many different items, like different meats or different dressings for the burgers. Your goal is to serve as many customers as you can in one workday and earn the most money. Your job is to slice and grill meat and bread and to serve different soft drinks. The customers also have a limited patience level, so be quick with your orders! Generally, we would recommend this game to anyone who loves Pixel-Graphics and simple gameplay, but really anyone can play it and have some fun! It’s a nice little game you can play during breaks at work or school.

The next game is called “Spongebob Krabby Patty Crisis''. This was also a lot of fun to play through. When we was scrolling through the site to look for games to play, we saw this and we just had to play it. The game takes place in the Krusty Krab and you’re playing as Spongebob who has to serve customers as fast as possible before they break through the barrier at the end. There are 2 modes that you can play: Mode 1 is the normal game mode where you have to stop customers from breaking through the barrier. Mode 2 is a bit different. Here, you have to protect Mr. Krabs from hungry customers by feeding them as fast as possible. The game starts off easy but progressively gets harder and harder. The game plays like your typical space invader where the customers are coming from the top of the screen to you, who is at the bottom. There are 3 barriers that people can break through and once they do, it’s game over. Every game has 2 waves and during that time, you have to serve as many customers as possible. You also get different items that you can use to slow down customers or serve them twice as fast. We’d definitely recommend that you play this game, it really is a lot of fun, and we are glad that it is available on this site.

Culinary Schools Cooking Features

The second feature of the Culinary schools page that I like is the measurement conversion tool, which we can use to convert measurements while preparing meals. From time to time, while examining recipes, measures such as spoons or ml confuse me. This way, I will be able to apply the recipes more accurately.

Culinary Schools Fitness Calculators

Another favorite application of the page is fitness tools. The tools that we can make calculations such as body fat rate or workout are really quite detailed.

In addition, you can find useful information such as cooking information, cooking schools, and career information on the culinary schools page.

We love useful pages that add something to us and don't waste our time. Moreover, culinary schools not only give children or to adults something useful, but also to the whole family. We would definitely recommend it. Worth a visit.

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