Girlmerry 13th Birthday & Winter Collection

As I told you a few days ago, I started the fall-winter fashion suggestions. Just like all of you I am also wondering what fashion & style news brings us in the new season. Let's get started!!!
Today I would like to write about a brand that I find for a short time but this fashion brand celebrates its 13th birthday. I am talking about, a women's wholesale clothing brand. I really like their outfit style and of course, want to share it with you too. As a casual style lover, the outfits are very suitable for my taste.
I made a wishlist with wholesale winter clothes. Let us take a look at them.

Winter new diamond knitted slight stretch stylish casual all-match sweater Wholesale

This year classic sweaters are very popular. I think these brown colors are very suitable for the fall and winter seasons. I love the modern cut of the sweater. Very easy to combine with a jean or brown or beige trousers.

Winter new contrast color knitted slight stretch turtleneck stylish all-match sweater Wholesale

I love love love turtleneck in the winter months. This stylish sweater with classic grey and beige color tones is an ageless item.
If you choose some high-quality winter outfits you can wear them for longer time and you don't need to buy a lot of clothes every year. You can then add some new pieces to your wardrobe and combine them with the older ones.

Winter new 3 colors stripe contrast color knitted slight stretch pockets stylish all-match cardigan sweater Wholesale

Some people find blue a cold color but for me is a very warm color. This cardigan with dark and hell blue and white colors is easy to combine and suitable for every time of the day and everywhere. You can wear it at school, office or just in your daily life.

XS-L winter new 3 colors inelastic zip-up solid color fashion all-match cotton vest coat Wholesale

I love also vest coats. They are very useful at the beginning of fall and for winter days. You can combine a vest coat with jeans and long sleeve tops. 
I hope you like my choices.
I have also some good news for you: 

So, my lovely readers, this was the fashion & style post of today. I am very happy to be able to introduce you to new fashion brands from time to time. As a wholesaler website, girlmerry has a large outfit collection. Just visit their page to find out more beautiful and trendy clothes.

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