Active Monday-Pilates Workout Challenge & Papaya Coconut Shake



Hello everyone from a new Active Monday week! I am very happy to prepare this post on a hot summer day. Today I want to suggest you an enjoyable pilates workout. I also have a very delicious papaya coconut shake recipe. I recommend making these fruit drinks fresh. Thus, both its taste is not spoiled and its vitamin value is not lost.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water and sugar-free drinks on hot summer days. I wish you a pleasant and healthy week :)

Papaya Coconut Shake

Ingredients for 1 serving

100 g papaya, fresh

30 ml coconut milk, 20% fat

40 ml orange juice

1 tsp vanilla sugar


Halve, peel and deseed the ripe papaya. Weigh the desired amount.

Then put the diced papaya in a container and puree with coconut milk, orange juice, and vanilla sugar.

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