Active Monday-25 Minutes Extrem Abs Workout & Cold Ginger Tea


Hello to everyone from another Active Monday! Today is a hot summer day and we need a lot of cold healthy drinks. I need more drink than eat on sommer days. That's why I want to share a cold ginger tea with you. This is a very healthy and fresh recipe. And as the workout of this healthy lifestyle week, I want to share an abs workout from lovely trainer Blogilates.

Cold ginger tea

Ginger tea, a component of Ayurvedic medicine, is not only a popular drink in winter. The cold version has a cooling effect on hot summer days, calms inflammation, and promotes both digestion and detoxification.

The ginger peel contains valuable antioxidants, so it is better to buy organic ginger so that it does not have to be peeled during preparation.

Here's how it works: Peel the ginger into thin slices and boil them in a saucepan with a little water for 20 to 30 minutes. Then let the brew stand covered for a moment and pour the whole thing through a sieve.

If required, the tea can be refined with a little lemon or lime juice and honey, coconut blossom sugar, or stevia. The mix is then put in the fridge for a while and the healthy refreshing drink is ready!

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