Active Monday - Extreme 40 Minute HIIT Challenge & DIY Electrolyte Drink

Hello!!! It's Active Monday again! Today I want to share an extreme 40 minute HIIT workout with you. But after such a workout, we need also to win our electrolytes again and for this reason, I have also an easy electrolyte drink to prepare at home.

What Is Electrolyte?

Heavy sweating throws our electrolyte balance out of balance.

When our body loses a lot of fluid, the electrolyte balance gets out of balance. This can cause you to run out of energy or even experience headaches or nausea.

To prevent this, you can provide your body with an electrolyte drink: the right mixture of water and minerals stabilizes the concentration of your electrolytes. Your body can absorb the electrolyte mixture particularly well and quickly supplies your cells with fresh water.

Electrolyte drinks: Refreshing electrolyte spritzer 

 You can vary the basic recipe for electrolyte drinks as you wish. Be inspired by our simple recipe ideas: You need the following ingredients: 1/2 l organic apple juice, 1/2 l mineral water, 1 g salt, 2 tbsp dextrose (alternatively you can use regular sugar). Here's how you do it: Mix the salt and dextrose with the apple juice. Then top up the mixture with mineral water. Tip: The spritzer is particularly refreshing with carbon dioxide.

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