Keeping Your Electric Gate In Excellent Condition & Working Perfectly


When you have an electric gate on your property, it can take a lot of abuse from being stuck outside in the elements, and you will want to take excellent care of it. By looking after your electric gates and maintaining them correctly, you can help keep them in perfect condition, prolong their lifespan, and avoid costly repairs. You can do many things to help you with this task, and below are some things you can do to keep your electric gates looking fantastic and fully functional.


Keep The Gates Clear Of Obstructions

 No matter what type of electric gates you have, you will want to ensure that they are free from obstructions that may damage your gates. If you have swing gates, ensure nothing is blocking their path which can potentially damage them, and if they have tracks, you will need to keep them clear of debris. You will want to clear any twigs and leaves from the tracks for your gate that can make them work less efficiently. If you have a leaf blower, you can blow debris clear from the tracks for the gate and help keep them in working condition by using this.

Have Them Serviced Regularly


You will also want to ensure that you service your electric gates at regular intervals. It is often best use the electric gate company in the UK that installed them. For those outside the UK and would want a reputable company to handle both the installation and upkeep of the gates, searching through Google should lead you to a gate specialist near your location.


You will want to service your gates at least once a year, and an excellent time to do this is before or after winter. The technicians will ensure that the electric motors are working correctly and efficiently and that no potential problems develop. Using the same company that installed the gates to service those means they will be familiar with the job and can quickly service it to a high standard.


Paint Your Gates Every Few Years


You will also want to ensure that you paint your gates every few years to help keep them in excellent condition. If you have electric gates made from metal, you will want to select an appropriate paint to protect the metal and prevent it from rusting. You will also want to choose a suitable colour for the gates to ensure they look fantastic on your property.


If you have wooden electric gates, you may wish to stain the wood rather than paint it, which can help it look excellent. In most cases, you will need to do this job every two years or whenever the paint starts peeling off, or the wood looks tired and drab. Ensure you use the correct paint for your gates' material and follow the instructions precisely to achieve the best quality finish for your electric gates.


A Quick Visual Inspection Before Using Them


Before you try using your gates, get yourself accustomed to giving them a quick visual inspection to ensure there is nothing blocking them. It can be costly if you burn out the motor to replace it, so prevent blockages on the tracks or the swing radius of the gates can help prevent this from happening.

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