10 Fashion Trends of Autumn


10 Fashion Trends of Autumn

Summer is gone and our eyes have already started to shift towards the fashion trends of autumn. Of course, there is no need to wait for the weather to cool and the season to come to learn about certain trends. Famous fashion brands have already shared their autumn collections from the summer months. It is up to us to research and present the 10 fashion trends of the autumn season as the new season. This year, we did a little research on the fashion trends of autumn and look what we found.

Even though we are still struggling with the heat, our wardrobes gradually need shopping for the new season.


Sweater: Rotita collection

One of the most fashionable trend pieces of the autumn season is Sweaters. It doesn't matter if it's a diamond pattern, solid color, or striped. We will come across sweaters a lot in the fall season this year. Do not forget to buy a sweater, which is one of the most fashionable trends.

Midi Skirts

Midi skirt: Shein.com

Midi-length skirts were not preferred much in the autumn season of last year. Midi-length skirts, which left their mark on a period, are one of the ones that managed to be among the 10 trends of autumn again. Especially patterned and pleated midi skirts are very fashionable this season. Solid color midi skirts, which are mostly preferred in pastel tones, are among us again, leaving their place to more patterned fabrics.

Crop Tops

Crop top: Shein.com

Yes, we cannot give up crop tops in autumn as in summer. We seem to be wearing crop tops, which have left their mark on every season since the day they entered our lives and can be combined very comfortably with any style, this season. You can also wear crop top tops, which look very stylish in a jacket, with shirt combinations at the same time and add elegance to your elegance. Especially do not forget to stock up on square-neck crop tops from where you see them. The most popular crop model this season will be the square collar ones. When it comes to crop tops, most people think of bodysuits. However, do not forget to have at least one of each cropped sweaters, cropped jacket, and cropped shirt in your closet.

Denim Clothing

Denim jumpsuit: Rotita.com

Yes, denim, which is one of the clothing styles that we do not miss in our lives, will be with us again this season. Sea winds will blow abundantly not only as skirts and trousers but also on shoes, jackets and even our bags. It's time to get your denim bags out of the chests that you put away because they are old.

Patterned Trousers

Ethno patterned pants: Rotita.com

If you remember, we spent the spring season with colorful patterned trousers before we entered the last summer. Yes, it means we loved patterned trousers so much that they are with us again after three months. Those who can't wear a lot or don't have the opportunity to wear patterned trousers at all, don't worry, now is the time. Moreover, re-patterned trousers are among the 10 fashion trends of autumn. By combining patterned trousers with a white basic T-shirt and a light-colored crop, you can draw attention to yourself this season.

Metallic Color

Metallic gold dress: Shein.com

Another option, which is among the 10 trends of autumn, is clothes made of metallic colors. At the top of the metallic colors, you will be able to wear gold-colored skirts and gold-colored trousers this season. It may seem like a bit of confusion, but don't forget that a navy crop jacket with gold trousers or a skirt will add a different atmosphere to your mood. Both style and fashion, what else?


Loafers: Shein.com

Loafer shoes, which marked a period, are again very fashionable this season. Now is the time to put your sneakers on the shelf. Be prepared to wear thick loafers under any outfit.

Vest Suits

Are you ready to experience nostalgia like sweaters with vest suits this fall season? Vest trouser suits, vest skirt suits, and even vest dress suits are very fashionable this season. It is up to your imagination and choice to put on a vest and design your combination with everything underneath.

The Elegance of Lace

Lace dress: Rotita.com

Lace elegance will dazzle this season. You can use the beauty and elegance of lace in every detail, whether in your evening dress choices or daily life. Do not forget to catch the elegance of lace everywhere in your denim skirts, trousers, socks, or shirts. Because the lace is among the 10 trends of autumn.


Bralettes: Shein.com

Bralettes, which are indispensable for street fashion, are in fashion again this season. Especially we will wear silk bralettes and blazer jackets together a lot. We missed seeing bralettes that would make us look sexy, fashionable, and stylish.

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