7 Summer Outfit Tips



7 summer outfit tips

In summer styling, our combination options are much more than in the winter months. Of course, having many options may not always turn out well. There are many fashion styling options for the summer combination, and as the number of options increases, the confusion can increase at the same rate. If you are confused about summer combinations with plenty of options, here are our 7 summer outfit combination suggestions for you.

1. Summer's favorites shorts

Whether it is jeans, linen, or fabric, the material of the shorts makes no difference, shorts are a must in summer. You can combine your shorts with t-shirts, blouses, or shirts according to the fabric type and wear sandals or sports shoes to match your combination.

2. Skinny Jeans/ Mom Jeans

In summer, the trousers still keep their place in the closets. You can wear your skinny or mom jeans as you wish. However, if you are in a very hot place, skinny jeans can be uncomfortable in the heat, you can choose mom jeans for a comfortable cut. Choose your trousers according to your wishes and complete your combination with a crop top with straps and white sneaker shoes.

3. Skirts are indispensable this summer!

The skirt's title is one, but under this title, we will offer you three different combinations: short skirt, mini skirt, and midi skirt. Let's start with a number.

Short skirts are one of the pieces that achieve a sporty chic look by combining both the comfort of shorts and the elegance of the skirt. You can combine your shorts and skirts with strappy crop tops and complete your combination with straw sandals or straw flats.

You can get a stylish look with your mini skirts. Combine your mini skirts with balloon sleeve blouses and pretty sandals. It's that easy to be stylish with jewelry that matches your combination and a good hairdo.

Midi-length skirts are one of the pieces we have seen frequently for several years. If you don't have a midi skirt in your closet, get one now and make room for it in your closet. You can combine your midi-length skirts with a t-shirt or crop top or with a stylish blouse. You can get a different atmosphere by completing your combination with lace-up sandals.

4. Floral dresses

There hasn't been summer yet that we haven't seen flying flower dresses. Floral dresses are one of the pieces that we see frequently in summer every year, with their comfort and pleasant stance. You can combine your long floral dresses with sandals or flat shoes. In short floral dresses, shoe options are more. Choose one according to your sports, flats, sandals, and heels style and go outside .

5. Shirt dresses

You can have a cool look with plain or checkered shirt dresses. Wear a shirt dress and reveal your waist area with a belt, and complete your look with flats or sneakers.

6. Get a cool look with short tights

Short tights are one of the pieces that come to the fore with their comfort. When combined correctly, we can say that it is a piece that will make you look cool. Wear a nice oversized t-shirt over your short tights, complete your combination with a waist bag and sneaker shoes. If you are confident in your body, you can do the same combination with a crop top instead of an oversize t-shirt.

7. You can be stylish with a strappy mini dress

Knitted mini dresses with straps can create a cool look when combined with the right pieces. Here is our advice: Wear your plain solid color strappy mini knit dress and wear a boyfriend shirt that is the same length as the dress. Finally, complete your combination with big hoop earrings, white sneakers, and a nice bag. 

These were our suggestions with 7 summer outfit tips. We hope you like them.

All outfits are from shein summer collection

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