How To Master The Morning If You Are Not A Morning Person

How To Master The Morning If You Are Not A Morning Person

There seem to be only two kinds of people. Those who get out of bed in the morning with ease and those who curse the alarm clock ringing in the morning. To be honest, however, I only know the second group personally. After all, who likes to get up when they are still slumbering and dreaming? Who likes to get up when all limbs are so infinitely heavy, the head is just tired, tired, tired and the motivation to leave the warming bed is simply not there?

Morning is certainly a wonderful time of day. To roam the streets when the city is just awakening, to feel the slight coolness and the cozy feeling of being a little alone in the world, can be wonderful. The only problem is: you have to get up early to get this feeling. And non-tomorrow people manage that very poorly.
But none of it helps. When work or family calls, we have to get up. However, there are a few tips with which we, morning grouches, can make life a little easier. We introduce you to three of them:

How To Master The Morning If You Are Not A Morning Person

1. Plan ahead

Sure, sometimes you're too tired at night. But it's worth it. We should just get used to it: create a little order before going to bed. In concrete terms, that means: Have all your things ready for the next day. Clothes and, most importantly, our bag for work. Because if you create order in the evening, you not only forget significantly less important things, you also feel better and less rushed when you wake up. And agitation is one of the worst things for the morning grouch!

2. Get going slowly

Often enough we try the quick fix method in the morning. The alarm goes off and we sprint from our springs. Trying to do the unpleasant quickly. But that's not a particularly clever method. Because our body needs a little to get going. We should therefore lie in bed for a few minutes and loll around. Extend your arms, move your hips left and right. Even a tiny bit of exercise in everyday life relaxes and gets our circulation going.

3. Enjoy morning routine

One option is to just fall out of bed, put on your clothes, and get out the door. It would be better if we take time for the morning routine. Drinking the coffee while sitting instead of standing. Not only doing a quick wash of your cat in the shower, but also perceiving the ritual of cleansing with all your senses. To stand by the window for a moment and, regardless of the weather, enjoy the fresh air outside. It doesn't make us morning people, but it does get us in a better mood. And that's worth a lot.

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