Active Monday - 40

benefits of barre workout

While living in the last months of 2019, I have shared with you every Monday for 40 weeks my Active Monday posts. Although it is a bit difficult for me to prepare a certain day every week, I want to continue in the new year. Even though I share more fashion, style, beauty and shopping suggestions; I am very happy that you read this category quite a lot. In a modern woman's life, activity and healthy life must be included. What do you say?

Health Tipps This Week

Benefits of Barre Workout

If you have less time and want to get into shape in a short time, I recommend you exercises like barre workout. Barre workout consists of a mix of ballet, yoga and pilates. It puts your muscles into a long and thin shape and gives results in a very short time. You can have a slim body with a barre workout by taking only half an hour a few days a week. Moreover, without even changing your weight :)

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