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flat abs drink

Abdominal bloating or fatigue is the problem of many people. Today, I would like to propose a drink recipe that will both reduce abdominal distension and help melt abdominal fat. I have also a video for flat abs, from Selena Gomes fitness program. Enjoy it. 

Health Tipps This Week

A Drink For Flat Abs

8 cups, approximately 2 litres of water previously brewed 
1 teacup green tea,
 1 small cubed diced cucumber,
 or 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger, 
1 piece of chopped lemon,
 1 piece of chopped apple,
 6 stems of fresh mint or dry mint,
 depending on the desire to put 1 stick cinnamon 
and let this liquid in the refrigerator for 1 night to consume all the next day. Please prepare it always fresh. 

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