How To Pack Your Suitcase? - Your Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist For Summer

Summertime is traveling time. But this is always a big stress to prepare a travel bag. You are making your packing lists days before your holliday. But how to pack your suitcase in the right way?I know you think that you feel like I've forgotten something even though you have checked the bag you prepared many times. I have prepared a list to help you find the item you think is missing. A long summer vacation or a day trip? Make your work easier by ticking the items you need to take with you. Here is the ultimative travel packing checklist.


Although it is not difficult to prepare suitcases, it requires a good organization. Especially the fear of forgetting a 'must-have' official document makes you nervous. For example, forgetting the passport on the way to Japan ... OK, you have to pay attention.

The first thing you have to do at this point is to create a  suitcase preparation list.. Do not forget to ask the question : Do I really need this? You have yo to that, for every item you take with you.

Identity, Passport, Driving License

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Local Currency, Currency,
Accommodation Addresses

Bus, Flight Tickets

Phone Numbers

Health Documents, Insurance, Blood Group

Marriage certificate (You may need it for some countries)


Undoubtedly, what we love to exaggerate when preparing suitcases is our clothes. We've taken 10 of us we're wearing 5. Packing lists are helping in this case too.

Shoes, Boots( for winter hollidays),  Sneakers, Slippers


Shorts, Swimwear, Bikini

Evening Dress, Suit


Probably we have clothes that we do not fear to forget while preparing suitcases. It must be the psychology of the 'basic need of dressing'; we do not skimp too much.









Nightwear, Sleepwear

Track suit


Although it implies a separate suitcase for ladies, remember to bring your personal care items that are on the list of each person's needs in a concise manner.

Toothbrush, Toothpaste

Deodorant, Perfume,

Shampoo, Shower Gel, Shower Fiber

Suntan cream

Care Creams

Jelly, Hair Spray

wet wipes

Shaving Supplies

Hair Removal Supplies

Nail scissors

Comb, Brush, Buckle

Hair dryer

Travel Iron


Your Medicines, Band-Aids

Sewing kit


Other Items

My guess is that your suitcase has already been overflowed, but you can squeeze any material that might be needed in places that are empty.

Bath Towels, Beach Towels

Raincoat, Umbrella

Jewelry, Watches

Sunglasses, Lens, Solution


Shopping bag

Daily Backpack

Shoulder bag

Beach Bag


We came to our favorite technological tools that are hard to forget ... I'm sure many of you are more likely to forget your passport than forget your cell phone. Do not leave these items at home that add a different color to your journey, you will need them.

Mobile phone, Charger

Your Music Player, Mp3


Camera, Backup Memory, Battery

Notebook PC


For camping or outdoor activities

Mosquito repellent


Lantern, Matches, Lighters

preparing a suitcase


I don't know the city you're going to, or what you're going for, but if you like to spend your free time on your summer vacation, take a suitcase.

Sea Glasses



Fishing rod

Book, Magazine, Organizer, Pen

This was my ultimate travel packing checklist. I try to explain the best ways to make the perfect travel back.  I hope that it will be helpful for you.

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