Blogger Recognition Award !!!

My dear blogger friend chocoviv nominates me to Blogger Recognition Award. Thanks a lot and I will try to answer her questions and nominate some other blogger friends.

1. Thank the bloggers for nominating you and give their link.

Thank you chocoviv for nominating me.

2. Write at your blog why you started your blog

I allways loved writing. I have had other social media accounts but I think blogging is my favorite job. I know that you can find more followers at instagram, twitter or facebook but I love my blog.

3. Write 2 pieces of advice you have for new bloggers

Be patient and keep on working. İt takes a long time to be succesfull with your blog but you can not reach anything without working.

Keep in touch with other bloggers. It helps a lot to find new readers and followers. And also you can learn new things and have friends from all around the world.

4. Nominate and notify more bloggers that they are awesome

I nominate my blogger friends (Please nominate other friends and share it on twitter too if you have an account)

Woman Today

Shirley Tay

Absolute Ehrich

Samspace Blog

Carolina G. TiCala

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  1. Congratulations! That is so exciting. I agree with you about blogging. Though there are more people on Twitter and Instagram...blogging just feels right.

    1. I love blogging. I also love to be at social media but my blogs are more important to me

  2.'s a challenge!!!

    Good luck!!

  3. Sabır ve çalışmak en doğrusu

    1. Çalışmadan hiç bir başarı elde edilmiyor ☺️

  4. Ne güzel aday gösterilmek.Tebrikler....

  5. Congrats for the award!

  6. My dear friend, is such an honour to be nominated by you and I am very thankful to you for considering me. I will write the post as soon as possible because I am very happy to share my ideas and thoughts on this subject too.
    Thank you again!
    Flo aka Woman Today

  7. Danke, dass ich bei der Aktion dabei sein darf. Sobald es mir die Zeit erlaubt, werde ich die Fragen beantworten. LG Romy

  8. Thanks to you, I follow new blogs. Congratulations Deryacım 💕

  9. Muchas gracias por nominar mi blog! Es un placer leerte siempre! Feliz noche! ♥️♥️♥️

  10. Congratulations darling

  11. Olá, parabéns pela linda conquista!! Ter um blog é maravilhoso pois conhecemos pessoas do mundo inteiro para compartilhar ideias criativas e fazer novas amizades!!
    Seu blog é lindo, parabéns!!
    Tenha uma semana maravilhosa!! :))))

  12. Congratulations! :-)


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