La Casa De Papel - Netflix

I'm just finished watching the Tv Show La Casa De Papel at Netflix. It was really very interresting. Professor, a misterious man ; plans a robbery at Spanish Royal Mint. He finds 8 more criminal persons for his crew. They have all a personal reason to take a part to this team. Everyone takes a city name Rio, Tokyo, Denver, Moskow, Helsinki, Nairobi, Berlin, Oslo. No personality, no personal relationship. This was a perfect plan. Professor spend his halfe life to make it. 

They needed 11 days at the mint to complete their plan. Many hostages, some workers of the mint and some students and police everywhere. Is it easy or not? After a few days, they have a real chaos. But giving up is not an opption for this team. 

Tokyo, is an important character but all characters are very interresting. I don' t want to give a lot spoiler. La Casa De Papel, has really  many funs around the world and I read that soon comes the third part too. I like it and if you like adventure is maybe the write one for you too . Did you watch it allready? I really want to know your thoughts about this Tv Show. Have a nice day :)

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