Active Monday -3

Hi everybody !!! I wish you all a happy week. Thanks for your beautifull messages about active monday workouts. At the beginning I was not sure to start with this category, but now I am happy. Working out is a part of my life, of derias world and I would like to share it with my readers too.  Today I have a total body kettlebell workout for you. And before you started with your workout, I would like to give some usefull informations about water. 

Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking enought water gives your energy and increases brain power
Water flushes out Toxins from body
Water boosts our Immune System
Water prevents Headaches
Water prevents Cramps and Sprains
Water helps with fat burning and weight loss

Don' t forget to drink at least 2 lt water every day. 

I hope you like this work out. I will be very happy about some comments. Have a happy, fit day :)

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