Mu Cang Chai - Rice Paradise in North Vietnam

Mu Cang Chai - Rice Paradise in North Vietnam

Mu Cang Chai is located in the northern highlands of Vietnam, about 300 km from Hanoi. Once a poor place inhabited only by ethnic minorities, today it is a well-known travel destination in Vietnam. Breathtaking rice terraces, stunning mountain scenery and exotic culture make up the appeal of Mu Cang Chai. Although the tourism infrastructure here is improving with the newly built access road, opening of accommodation facilities and stable power supply, this destination is a little off the main route due to its remote location. For nature lovers who want to explore an authentic Vietnam, Mu Cang Chai may be the travel destination they've been looking for.

Best Tavel Time

Most tourists visit Mu Cang Chai during the rice harvest season in September or at the beginning of the planting season in May. In each era, Mu Cang Chai has its own beauty. During cultivation, the rice terraces fill with water and during the harvest season the rice fields turn golden yellow.

How to Get to Mu Cang Chai

The best way to get to Mu Cang Chai is by car. Because the motorcycle is a very dangerous route with many bends, it is a suitable alternative only for backpackers with a lot of motorcycle experience. You can rent a car after going to Vietnam. Of course, it would be wiser if you look into this before planning your trip :)

Weather forecast

The weather in Mu Cang Chai is climatic conditions typical for the entire mountain region in North Vietnam. It can be very hot during the day and cold at night. Also, the high mountain area is often cloudy.


Accommodation options are not that plentiful in Mu Cang Chai. Most are 2 or 3 star hotels and inns. You can stay at Mu Cang Chai or Tu Le (40km away) and Nghia Lo (100km away). This depends on the itinerary. A special type of accommodation is homestay, where you stay with a host family.

Mu Cang Chai - rice paradise in northern Vietnam

The thing worth seeing in Mu Cang Chai are the rice terraces. There are many places where you can admire the incredibly beautiful paddy fields. The rice terraces at La Pan Tan are one of them. You can also visit some ethnic minority villages and get in touch with them. For photography, the Khau Pha gorge offers a panoramic view.

Most tourists follow the routes from Hanoi to Sapa, with a stop in Mu Cang Chai. If you want to get away from the tourist crowds, you can visit the rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai instead of Sapa.

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