4 Challenges Nobody Tells You About When Moving Into A New Home


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Whether buying your first home or moving into a new property, this is one of the biggest moments in your life. After all, it will provide the foundation for building a better lifestyle for the foreseeable future and potential for life. However, there are several challenges that you probably haven’t been warned about. Until now…

Moving Logistics

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving out of the family home for the first time or moving from your first purchased property to a bigger place. The logistics of moving will fill you with stress if you take the DIY approach. Experts like Allied Van Lines can take care of these aspects on your behalf. Whether moving 1 km or 10,000 km, they’ll safely get your goods from A to B. They’ll also put boxes and furniture in the appropriate rooms once you arrive.

The costs are only a little more than the DIY route of hiring vans and moving equipment. When you consider the convenience and fact it’ll prevent muscle aches, it has to be the best choice.

Feeling At Home

Everyone who moves into a property knows that it will take time to make it theirs. However, this process can take months or years. Thankfully, you can at least develop some sense of authority by adding basic personal touches. Turning family photos into canvas art to hang on the walls is a great option. Alternatively, painting the walls or a feature wall in your favorite color can work wonders. Some even use the same color from their former home.

The process of making the home feel like yours isn’t just about the property itself. Getting to know the area and meeting people will help you settle with greater ease and at faster speeds.

Utilizing Space

Size matters, but the way you utilize the space will always have the biggest impact on the look and function of the home. Whether it’s making the bedroom feel bigger or doing more with the living room doesn’t matter. You need to avoid a cluttered and claustrophobic vibe. Compact furniture and using wall-mounted items can claw back valuable floor space too. Even if the rooms are smaller than you’d ideally like, you can create a winning vibe.

Many people additionally find that the storage spaces aren’t quite as ample as they first thought. Therefore, using items like cascading clothes hangers or drawer organizers can be useful.

Fixing Faults

Despite viewing the property and having a survey completed, there will be missed faults. It could be something as simple as an electric socket that doesn’t work. Or it may be that the previous owner strategically hid damage to a wall or flooring. Calling an expert like the Ultimate Handyman to fix the problems is highly advised. This gives you a better platform to build upon once it comes to decorating and other tasks.

If nothing else, the knowledge that the jobs need doing will stop you from enjoying the home to its potential. Besides, getting the essentials under control should have a positive influence on all future upgrades.

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