The Art of Crafting Intricate Fashion Style Posts and My Personal Creative Process

 From time to time, my friends say: Oh dear, what's difficult with sharing a fashion post? They say, put on two clothes, take a picture, ok. Just sooooo simple. Do you think it's that easy to share a fashion post? Let me answer: No, it is not easy at all.

To share a fashion-style post, there is a preparation phase, a shooting, and a writing phase. I would like to explain the details of these stages one by one.

Preparation For a Fashion Post

First of all, I decide on which topic I want to write a fashion article. After that, if I'm going to make suggestions for clothes from my own wardrobe, I choose the clothes, prepare the combinations, and add the details of jewelry, bags, shoes, or other accessories.

Even if I am going to choose clothes from another place, I choose the clothes that I will add one by one and write about the subject.

In fact, the most difficult are the articles I prepared with suggestions from my own wardrobe.

Photo Shooting For a Fashion Post

As the second step, I complete the beauty stages such as hairstyle and makeup to take pictures.

I generally take my photos with my phone and a tripod. I'm lucky that our house has a garden, it makes a nice background. I shoot in the garden unless the weather is too cold.

I'm waiting for an hour when the sun doesn't hit the place where I'm going to shoot. Otherwise, the photos do not come out well. If the location is dark, I have to choose another location. I take many pictures with an outfit and choose the ones I like the most.

Of course, the clothes you add to your article should also be prominent. You should also pay attention to taking poses that will highlight the outfit.

If photos need any retouching, if unnecessary details need to be cut, I take care of them. Of course, I want to show my best-looking photos on my blog or social media accounts 😉

I also determine the purchase links and photos that I will suggest about the clothes.

Writing Time For a Fashion Post

Then I write my article on the subject. Sometimes I can't finish it on the same day and I can complete and publish the article in two days.

In general, the style posts I prepare are suitable for my own dressing style and seasons. I like to share topics such as seasonal clothing suggestions, new shopping posts, suggestions for creating new styles, and discounts.

As a result, style posts, where I use my own pictures, take a lot of time, such as hair and make-up preparation, shooting the pictures, and preparing the text. It's not as easy as it looks. However, I love these articles because they can give ideas to women who are my age and share my clothing taste. Looking at the feedback from the readers, I can see that style posts are liked. It makes me happy that they are appreciated because I put a lot of effort into it.

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