Self Care Activities That Will Prepare You For A Great Night Out

 A great night out is made up of a lot of things. The people you’re heading out with, where you’re going, how awesome the event is, and how cheap the drinks are. But before you get ready for your big night out, there is another thing you can do to make sure you have a great time: practice some self care! 

Self care before a night out will help you feel like your best self. A lot of us need a confidence boost after a long and hard week, and before we hit the dance floor, and that’s what these activities can do for you. 

No matter where you’re going, who you’ll be with, or how long you’ll be out, you can use these tips to help you feel good and relaxed before you get dressed up. If you’re in need of a good night-out prep routine, check them out down below. 

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Have a Good Meal

You might have a skin-tight, bodycon dress to put on for the night, but you also need to have a good, hearty meal before you go out. Not only will this give you a lot more energy for the night out ahead, meaning you can go an extra hour on that karaoke machine when you really need to, but it’ll keep you from getting drunk too fast as well. 

Yes, ‘lining the stomach’ really does work for helping your body absorb alcohol. If you keep your entire digestive tract busy with heavy carbs, the drinks tend to slip straight through and back out again. 

Mix Some Tasty Pre-Drinks

Pre-drinks help to keep a night out cheap and fun. If you’re headed out tonight, make sure you mix a few tasty concoctions before you go. Mix your own cocktails and just have fun with the drinks you make, as these are probably going to be the nicest of the whole night! 

No matter what alcohol and mixer you have in the house, you can make a lot of easy cocktails with just a couple of ingredients. Even just throwing in some cola with a bit of whiskey will be perfect here. 

Have a Nap

If you’ve got the time for a nap, make sure you have one. 20 minutes on the sofa or an hour in bed, a nap will rejuvenate you for the night ahead. Combine this with a good meal like we mentioned earlier and you’re going to be feeling pretty good no matter how long you’re out for! 

A good nap can also act as a break between a bad day you’ve just had and the start of a good weekend. And there’s nothing like clocking out for a good few minutes to erase any anger or stress you’re holding onto right now. 

Use a Hydration Mask

Your skin has probably had a rough week. Even when you follow a rather strict skincare routine, Friday and Saturday nights might require a little more TLC. That’s where a good hydration mask comes in. 

Make sure you buy a mask that’s either high in water content. These tend to be sheet masks or gel masks, and don’t tend to be clay masks or heavy creams. You want something rather lightweight here that’ll make your skin feel a lot more supple from the moment you put it on. 

Once you do, you can use this kind of mask for soothing dry and itchy skin, on top of moisturizing your face before you put primer, foundation, and various shades of eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer on it. You’ve got some heavy application ahead, you’re going to need a base like this! 

Take a Lip Balm

A lip balm should be in your bag at all times, thanks to just how nice they feel on your lips. Plus, if you buy a tinted version, they’re going to look pretty good when applied too! If you can, put your balm on beneath any lipstick or gloss you’ve bought for your night out. You can then reapply a bit of it on top to help deepen and enrich the color you’ve added to your face. 

If you want to, you can also use a bit of the balm to rub into your chest and behind your ears as well. Why? Because once you spray a bit of perfume on top of these spots, the balm will help the scent to cling for much longer! Just make sure you’re using an oil base to get this effect. 

Make Your Hair Easy to Style

If your hair is easy to style, you can keep it looking effortlessly good throughout the night. We’re talking about tight buns that are sprayed into place, or beach waves you can put up or down and still have the ensemble look perfect. 

If you plan for a hair look like this, you won’t be stressing out over what your hair is doing throughout the night either. Even when you're drunk, this can be a pretty pressing concern at certain points throughout the night! 

Arrive at the Perfect Time

Now for the final tip here! You don’t want to get there too early but you also don’t want to be too late. You want to arrive at a good time, when the party is already at a good swing and people are feeling good. This is usually about half an hour after the event has started. 

If you can aim for this time, not only are you more likely to be able to book an Uber or a taxi to get down there, but you’ll be able to get right into the thick of things and have a very good time! 

If you want to have a good night out with your friends, make sure you do a little bit of self care before you go. If you’ve had a busy day, take at least 15 minutes to calm down and unwind with tips like these. Then get your glam on and head out! 

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