How To Make Getting Fitter Easier


It feels like it’s easy to be relatively fit and healthy when we’re young. Maybe it’s because we’re all running around so much during playtime. But when we’re older? At some point, most of us have an awakening that we should really do something to improve our fitness.


Getting fit is an excellent investment you can make in yourself, one that’ll improve your appearance, make you happier, and build confidence, among other benefits. The problem is that you can’t click your fingers and magic yourself towards greater fitness. It takes work.


There are, however, things you can do that’ll help to make things easier. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your fitness, follow the tips outlined below.



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Start Small


Have you noticed how most people that start a fitness journey in January have usually given up by February? That’s because they started too ambitiously. They may have told themselves that they’re going to run 10k every day or go to the gym every day. The problem is that, in doing so, you’d have to change your lifestyle dramatically, and that makes it much less likely that you’ll stick to it. The better approach is to start small — say, running 10 minutes a day — and then slowly build up.


Remove the Price Obstacle


You often have to spend money to improve your fitness, and this can put people off. However, the truth is that while you’ll need to spend some money, the cost should never be prohibitive. There are ways to do everything related to fitness cheaper. For example, you could work out at home, or make running — which is free — the cornerstone of your fitness regime. Even gyms don’t have to be expensive; Fitness 19, for example, is a highly affordable gym that’s open to everyone. You have to think again if you believe that getting fit would cost you the earth.


Have a Goal


It’s much easier to stay on course with your fitness if you have a goal in mind. Otherwise, you might end up thinking that all this exercise you’re doing is a bit pointless. Just keep in mind what you hope to achieve when you undertake your fitness journey. This could be anything — you might want to lose X amount of lbs, tone your body, or be able to run a mile in a set amount of time. It doesn’t really matter what your goal is, just make sure that it’s realistic.


Ignore The Negative Inner Voice


The biggest obstacle you’ll need to overcome is your inner voice. That’ll tell you that you don’t need to exercise, that you can eat what you want, and that you deserve to spend the night on the couch. While it’s OK to let that voice win the battle every now and again, it really should be a rare victory. Getting out of the front door to exercise can be a challenge, but you’ll be happy that you pushed through once you’re back home and have the satisfying post-workout glow.

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