How to Make Bronze Makeup? Bronze Beauty in 4 Steps

 How to Make Bronze Makeup? Bronze Beauty in 4 Steps

What is bronze makeup and how is it done? Bronze make-up is a type of make-up that is mostly done in summer. Because bronze makeup shines quite beautifully in the sun. So, how is bronze makeup done?

First Stage of Bronze Makeup

Every make-up session starts with eye makeup. The reason for this is that if the first skin makeup is done, the eyeshadow powders can spoil the skin makeup while doing eye makeup, so you should definitely start with eye makeup in every makeup.

Jan Len Bronzer

For bronze eye makeup, first equalize the color tone of your eyelids. Then, use metallic or pearlescent eyeshadows, which are indispensable for bronze makeup. Using a matte eyeshadow does not match with bronze makeup, so definitely use either metallic or pearlescent difference.

It would be better if you use brown mascara instead of, black mascara while applying your mascara. This makes the eyes look softer. But if your skin color is dark and brown mascara does not go well with your skin, you can use black mascara.

Second Stage of Bronze Makeup

In bronze makeup, eyebrows should be absolutely natural. Because bronze make-up is a kind of make-up style that gives a natural look. So just comb your eyebrows and fill in the gaps. While doing this, definitely paint your eyebrows with a product suitable for your eyebrow color.

M. Asam Magic Finish

Third Stage of Bronze Makeup

Skin make-up is very important in bronze make-up. You should pay attention to skin make-up very seriously.

For skin make-up, first, moisten your skin or apply a radiant make-up base. If you apply a glittery make-up base, your bronze make-up will be much more beautiful. After applying your base or moisturizer, apply your foundation with a tone close to your skin color. In this step, never choose a foundation that is darker than the color of your skin because of the perception that bronze makeup will be dark. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone.

OULAC Lipstick

After applying the foundation, apply the bronzer to the areas where the sun's rays first come to your skin. To the cheekbones, cheek, nose tip, and chin tip, and finally to the forehead area...

There is a bronzer color that is close to every skin color, so if you are white-skinned, do not use a bronzer that is suitable for the skin of a dark person.

After applying the bronzer, apply the illuminator to the high parts of the face at the end of the skin makeup.

Anglicolor Glitter Liqouid Eyeshadow


The Final Stage of Bronze Makeup

Decide what type of lipstick you want to apply to your lips in bronze makeup. You can use either glossy lipstick or matte lipstick. This is entirely up to your preference.

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