Home Exercise Recommendations for 2023


Today, many people who are stuck between work and home can do various activities when they want to take a breath. While living conditions are challenging for people living in the Modern Age, those who want to live a healthy life should do various sports activities. 

What exercises will we do in 2023? are among the curious topics that interest people. Thanks to an active lifestyle, it becomes easier both to maintain weight and to have a healthy body structure. It is possible to stay healthy thanks to various exercises that can be done at home for those who cannot spare much time for themselves from working. 

Home Exercise Recommendations for 2023

 Thanks to the exercises we will do at home, blood circulation in our body accelerates, and when fat burning increases, it becomes easier for us to lose weight. In order to protect our muscular and skeletal health, the exercises we will do consciously help us. Home exercise recommendations for 2023 consist of movements that will help us to protect our health. 

Stretching exercises 

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Thanks to these activities we can do during the day, we feel better. The level of motivation that we will increase against life by doing sports will also have an effect on our mood. There are various exercises that can be done at home, some examples of these are: 

· Stretching Exercises

 · Bird Dog Exercise 

· Push Up Exercise 

· Dance Exercise 

· Breathing Exercise 

· Exercise Suggestions for the Abdomen 

· Exercise Suggestions for Neck Hernia 

· Exercise Suggestions for Herniated Back 

Stretching Exercises 

Thanks to the exercises, the flexibility of the body against various movements is maintained before starting and finishing the sport. In this way, it is ensured that the muscles work without damage, and stretching exercises are important for those who cannot do heavy sports in order to stay healthy. 

Bird Dog Exercise

Bird Dog Exercise is one of the exercises that can be done by those who complain about their excess weight in the abdomen as well as the waist area. This exercise strengthens the waist and abdomen. In addition, this exercise is very effective when it is desired to work out the arms and legs. 

Push Up Exercise 

Push Up exercise is preferred when it is desired to work the muscles in the waist, abdomen, arms, and legs. Excess fat in the lower abdomen can also be removed in a short time thanks to this exercise. 

Dance Exercise 

One of the most beautiful activities that those who enjoy dancing can do at home is dance exercise. This type of exercise, which can be performed by listening to music, contributes to the health of the person both spiritually and physically. 

Breathing Exercise 

The greatest contribution of breathing exercises to human health is to increase lung capacity. In addition to shortness of breath, these exercises are beneficial for the person when breathing difficulties are experienced. It is a type of exercise that can be done easily at home. 

Exercise Recommendations for the Abdomen 

Abdominal exercises should be done regularly for the fat formed in the abdominal region. Thanks to this exercise, desired results can be achieved in a short time. In addition to tightening the abdomen, abdominal exercise is also very effective in terms of fat burning. 

Exercise Recommendations for Neck Hernia 

A neck hernia is an uncomfortable situation for most people. When faced with such a health problem, a person can relieve himself with some exercises for neck hernia. This exercise, which can be done at home and consists of a few simple movements, gives effective results when done regularly. 

Suggestions for Exercises for Herniated Back 

Pain can be reduced thanks to herniated disc exercises performed by lying on the back on a flat surface. While performing such exercises, there may be changes in movements depending on the person's body weight and complaints. It will be more beneficial for health to act according to the doctor's recommendation in the exercises to be done about the waist and neck hernia.

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