What Am I Aiming to Save Money For This Year?


What am I aiming to save money for this year?

As we all know, life has become more difficult economically in recent years. Especially for those who don't have large fortunes and are trying to live on their salary is everything more difficult. Saving money has become almost a dream. However, I set some goals for this year and I hope I can reach them🙏.

We got ourselves a home loan before our children were born. We have the last few years left and I am trying to contribute to my husband in this regard. As a freelancer, I don't have a big income, but I know that there are many things I can save money and I will try to implement them.

Saving Money In Your Daily Life Is Possible

There are so many things in our daily life that we can avoid expenses. Small savings can also be a considerable amount at the end of the year.

  • For example, my suggestions as a woman are:
  • Dyeing your hair at home
  • Hand and foot care at home
  • Planning your clothes shopping and avoiding buying clothes that you cannot combine with other clothes and that you cannot use for a long time. A Capsule wardrobe can be a good idea.
  • Planned food shopping, make lists, and avoid buying unnecessary quantities.

These expenditures, which seem like small amounts, can be quite large amounts at the end of a year. And you can save money in a shorter time. I am sure everyone can find similar ways in their life.

While preparing our general budget with my husband, we often get help from online calculators. This helps us a lot in our loan calculation,  and budget calculation. Online calculators can help people to save money and time. They are a great way to find out how much you will need to save for a desired goal. 

This type of calculator can be used by adults, students, in short, everyone. We are often using calculator.me .

How Can Young People Save Money

We all know that saving money is the best way to have a better future. The problem is that it's not always easy to do, especially when we are young and just starting our careers. But thanks to the internet, there are tools that can help us make our money work harder for us.

One of these tools is an online calculator that helps young people to save money. Another option is to look into shrewd investment strategies, such as healthcare private equity firms that pay dividends. 

I want to support also my son, who wants to get a driver's license this year while making the decision to save money myself. He wants to save money to buy a car and I try to explain to him how to avoid unnecessary expenses. For example, small things such as taking sandwiches from home to school instead of eating outside, and buying drinks from affordable markets on the way to school help to save a considerable amount of money at the end of the month. He also likes to use online calculators in his calculations. It will also help him with student loan calculation in the future.

I hope we can achieve these goals that we set in the new year. Deciding on something and trying to reach it is the biggest step to success. I love setting goals, and you?

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