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Hello to everyone. It's now very close to Christmas Day, and while many people have to return to work after a short vacation, there are those who have a week or two off. It is a very long time, especially for students and those who use their annual leave during this period. 

Considering the economic situation in the world, many people will spend time at home and be content with daily trips rather than spending big money on vacations. For example, the Christmas holidays are a great time for activities such as a visit to the cinema, a restaurant meal, or visiting acquaintances.

For those who like to spend time at home, besides reading books, watching movies, and listening to music, video games are a fun hobby. As you know, from time to time, we have suggestions for those who like to play free video games at home on our blog.

 Today, we tried games from a great page where you can play games on vacation and we would like to tell you about these games.

Video Games For Holiday Time

So, the first game that I tested is called “Wind & Solar”. The game is built very simply. You have two objects that you can interact with: a solar panel and a wind turbine. You can move the solar panel from left to right and the wind turbine up and down. The goal of the whole game is to collect as much energy as possible. The player accomplishes this by moving the solar panel out of the shadows from the clouds that appear on the screen and moving the wind turbine up and down, so it’s perfectly aligned with the wind stream that changes positions throughout the game, just like the clouds. For each round, you play there’s a time limit of one and a half minutes. In those one and a half minutes, you have to always move the turbine and the panel around so you can collect enough energy. At the top of the screen, you have a little indicator bar made out of 5 houses that fills up the more energy you collect. You also have a little box in which the total MW of energy collected is shown. Once the time is up, the next round starts and you can, once again, try to collect the highest possible amount of energy.

Now, let’s get to the second game that I’ve played, which is called “Twin the Bin”. In this game, the goal is to recycle trash and build high scores. Every time you start a game you can select between two characters: a boy and a girl. It doesn’t really affect the gameplay, it’s just a visual change. The gameplay is fairly simple, you move your character by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard and collect trash that is falling down from a conveyor belt at the top of the screen. At the start of each wave, you are told what kind of trash is to be recycled and only that kind of trash can be collected or else you get minus points. You can collect paper, glass, organic, and plastic trash. Each game lasts for 3 minutes. On the top left-hand corner, your points, your high score, and the time limit are displayed. All in all, it’s very fun and very simple to play.

I hope you like the games I tried. But there are also different games on the page to suit everyone's taste. How about trying them too? In our next articles, you will also find suggestions about movies you can watch during the Christmas holidays and books you can read. Saying goodbye to everyone for today and wishing you a happy pre-Christmas time.

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