Baked Apple With Hot Cider Drink In 5 Minutes


Sometimes you just need something new, right? That's why we're drinking something completely different this year at Christmas time instead of the usual red and white mulled wine: hot cider! And with baked apple flavor! Cider is an English-speaking apple wine that is usually enjoyed coldly. But together with amaretto, whose aroma is reminiscent of marzipan, and a cinnamon stick, the traditional pub drink quickly and easily becomes the liquid version of one of our favorite Christmas desserts: the baked apple.

  This is how you can easily imitate the trend drink "Baked Apple" yourself:

But instead of awkwardly hollowing out the apple, filling it with a marzipan-nut mixture, and then waiting for almost an hour, we prefer to make the quick version, which is ready in just 5 minutes. And not only are we done faster with our version of the Christmas classic, we only need 3 ingredients to make it. Quick and easy, we love it!

Here is the recipe for the trend drink "Baked Apple" made from hot cider:

 You need:

0.33L  Apple Cider

1 cinnamon stick/cinnamon powder

4 cl Amaretto/ Amaretto liqueur



Heat  Apple Cider to the max. 75°C and gradually add the remaining ingredients, stir well and serve hot!

That's all !!! Easy right? We hope you like it and you can enjoy it with your beloved ones 💓

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