Socks Trends for Women & Men-What Makes Good Socks?


Socks are an essential part of any wardrobe. From classic styles to trendy designs, there are many different types of socks available today. Today we will talk about some sock trends that will be popular in 2022and what makes good socks.

Socks have been around since ancient times when people wore them as protection against cold weather. Today, socks are worn by everyone from toddlers to adults. They come in many different styles, colors, materials, and designs.

There are several different types of socks, including athletic socks, dress socks, casual socks, and more. Each type has its own purpose and style. Athletic socks are designed to keep feet warm while exercising. Dress socks are usually made out of cotton and are used during formal events. Casual socks are typically made out of cotton or nylon and are worn with jeans.

Up-to-date sock trends

Today's socks trends also vary according to tastes.

Classic lovers prefer colors such as gray, black, navy blue, burgundy, striped, or geometric patterned socks.

Those who prefer a more casual style, on the other hand, prefer colorful and various patterned socks that can be worn unisex. They like to complete their outfits with cheerful colors and patterns.

What Makes Good Socks?

Basically, the statement: "Yes, these are good socks..." is a subjective evaluation that depends on many factors. There cannot be a general list of the properties of good socks, because there are simply different customers and not everyone will rate the same sock as "good". One likes thicker socks much better than thin cotton socks, the other loves knee socks while the next only wear sneakers all year round.

Good Socks Are...

... not too expensive and not too cheap. Very few define good socks only in terms of the price according to the motto: These socks were so cheap, I don't care about the quality. With very expensive socks, the expectation is rightly very high. Unfortunately, the likelihood of disappointment is also quite possible.

... the socks in which you feel good. They fit perfectly, do not slip, and do not rotate around the foot.

... well made. They don't pinch the toe seam, don't have a cuff that cuts in, and feel comfortable.

... made of a material that corresponds to the intended use and the requirements. If you want very hard-wearing and robust socks, you will not be satisfied with socks made of pure wool or viscose. You will naturally get holes faster. If you want socks with a perfect fit, you shouldn't necessarily buy pure cotton or material blends without elastane.

... relatively easy to care for and machine washable. Socks with a wool content of over 80% are often not suitable for machine washing - at least as long as the wool content specified on the label is actually included. Good socks remain soft and cuddly through many washes.

  • All socks in this article are from Oroys Clothing.
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