Summer 2022 Swimsuit Trends

At the end of May, I realized to my dismay that I had never shared a swimsuit or bikini. Sorry sorry sorry. But better late than never:) 
First, I wanted to start with one-piece swimsuits. So what are the most trendy swimsuits of 2022?
Apart from elegant and sexy swimsuits, we see that classic swimsuits are very trendy this year.
Apart from the colors that never go out of fashion such as black, navy blue and white, red, orange, pink and purple colors are also very fashionable.
In addition, floral and ethnic patterns will be seen in abundance in this year's swimwear.

In addition, to wrap swimsuits, it will be possible to come across vintage models on the beaches this summer.

I tried to give a few examples of swimwear trends for 2022. Have you completed your swimwear shopping? Is your wardrobe ready for summer? I bought myself two stylish swimsuits for this summer. I generally like classic cut swimsuits.
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