Making money by working as a freelancer and influencer

Is it possible to make money by working as a freelancer and influencer? Yes, it is possible. So how did I do this? In this article, as a mother of 3 children, I will explain how I set up a business life where I can work at home and what stages I went through.

 Making money by working as a freelancer and influencer

After working as a writer and translator for many years, I had to take a break from my working life due to my children and the country's change. However, as a woman accustomed to working life, this bothered me a lot. I was constantly looking for a job opportunity.

I contacted a few old acquaintances and started doing translation work again. At first, I didn't even have a place to work. In general, I was typing on my laptop at the kitchen table or on the sofa. Of course, it was also difficult for me to concentrate on the children running and playing around me.

While continuing my translation work, I also started receiving article orders. Then I decided to start a blog. Of course, the blog was followed by social media accounts. I came across the concept of influencer around here and it caught my attention. After reading and researching, I thought I could do it too.

First of all, I started to develop my blog and social media accounts according to my interests and the areas I want to work. I was also writing about my shopping. I photographed my cosmetics and clothing purchases and published them on my blog and Instagram account.

And one day, that first email I was waiting for came! A clothing company was writing that they saw my pictures and liked them and wanted me to promote their clothes. I was so happy. Other companies followed suit over time.

After going on like this for a few years, I started getting paid for some of the work I did.

When my eldest son moved out of the house, I turned his room into my home office. I now had a workspace that I could close the door to. It also increased my work quality.

Things to consider for those who want to work as an influencer and freelancer

  • Whatever field you work in, take your job seriously and do it well. Remember that companies rely on you to promote their products. Do not abuse this trust. Try to do quality work.
  • Improve yourself constantly. Improve your business by reading and researching. Be open to learning and trying new things. Always try to be up to date on digital marketing trends.
  • Don't think it's just money or gifts. Make sure you spend the necessary effort to promote the companies that choose you among millions of influencers. Other companies, seeing that you are doing a good job, will also prefer you.
  • Do not try to promote a product you do not believe in. Your followers will quickly notice that you are not sincere. Nor would I recommend accepting offers that don't fit your general niche. For example, if you are a food influencer, it would be ridiculous to promote a repair tool.

Social platforms that I use and benefit as an influencer


Although some may see it as old-fashioned, having a blog gives an influencer a lot. Many companies still rely on blog pages for promotion. Since what you write on the blog does not disappear as quickly as on social media, it can be a reason for companies to choose.


Instagram is the apple of the eye of those who have been working as Influencers for years. Using this platform correctly and following the innovations will benefit you greatly in terms of business. Be as natural as possible when posting pictures and videos on Instagram. Naturalness makes your satisfaction with the product offered to people even more convincing. Don't try to act like somebody you're not.


Although not as much as Instagram, Facebook is also a useful platform for Influencers. If you become a member of groups related to the work you do, you will not only get to know new people but also have information on many subjects. You also get support for your posts, and you can support others.


I have been using Twitter a lot in recent years. There were many people who contacted me from here and asked me to promote their products. I also find this platform very entertaining. Sharing with the right hashtag is very important here, as on every platform.


I can say Pinterest is my favorite and especially the most beneficial platform for my blog page. Even though the monthly viewing rates fluctuate from time to time, it is one of the things that I cannot give up. I suggest you post regularly here as well. But don't post too much at once. It will be more effective if you schedule your posts according to different times.

It is important to share regularly in order to stay on the agenda on all the platforms I mentioned. However, followers can also get tired of lots of posting and unfollow you. So try to strike a balance. Many social media platforms now show the best times for sharing.

I have been working as a freelancer for almost 20 years and as an Influencer for the last 8 years. I am very happy that I made this decision and I have never regretted it. I highly recommend it if you like to freelance and plan your own work hours. The best part of doing this job is that you can freely choose your working time. As long as you have a laptop and phone with you can keep working.

Ps: At the images, you can see some of my past collaborations. I always felt good about my product choices. Just be yourself!

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