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Today is  March 8, World Women's Day. Whether or not they have a profession outside or at home, every woman in life is a hard worker. I think it is important to raise awareness rather than celebrate these days when women's human rights and life rights are disregarded and there is no life safety in some countries. To be able to stand on our own feet, to be able to say that we are here ... We have a long way. Each of us has a responsibility for this cause. Hopefully, we can take a few positive steps for generations tomorrow.

I wanted to include10  inspiring women for today. Let women be inspired with both meaningful and useful works and professional achievements ... I wanted to add two important names to my list at the top of my list. Two women who opened my eyes to many things with their books and personalities and contributed to my shaping ...

Buket Uzuner


Beloved Buket Uzuner has an important role in my life with her books and her elegant yet deserving personality. I am glad I read her books, fortunately, she touched my life somehow ... Her books are translated into many languages. You have to read some of them.

Duygu Asena


I have written before that I read Duygu Asena books fondly in my youth. She was a woman who aimed to shake women up and awaken them from their princess sleep and realize that they are human and individual.

Lady Diana

She was considered the princess of hearts - not in vain. Diana has used her importance and popularity to support humanitarian organizations: for landmine victims, for the blind, for those suffering from AIDS. Although many years have passed since his death, he was not forgotten.

Greta Thunberg

Despite her young age, she has succeeded in making a tremendous impact on climate change and leaving a clean world for the future. She even stood up to Trump :) She also deserved to be on this list.

 Emma Watson

The actress represents a modern form of feminism and fights for equal rights for women. Emma Watson made headlines as a UN ambassador, especially with her "He for She" campaign.

Frida Kahlo

She is still a hero of the feminist movement and best known for her personal style in art and painting. The Mexican painter disregarded the traditions expected of the women of her time and lived her life according to the values she believed in.


She is one of the most famous, richest, and at the same time powerful women in US history, and she grew up in poor conditions and without a father. Today, she spares no expense or effort when it comes to charity work.

Amal Clooney

Much more than the wife of Hollywood star George Clooney. The super-smart lawyer specialized in human rights, lectured and was a guest professor at Columbia Law School.

Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has redefined feminism with her style. Humanitarian work is touching again and again, and her voice draws attention to the abuse of power, unequal treatment and sexual assault.

We women can achieve anything. As long as you support us, not a hindrance. Let the right people come out into our lives. Let there be life companions who will glorify and be proud, not crushing and destroying us.

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