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It's been a few years since "Tron 3" was pushed again - as a new story, a kind of reboot, with Jared Leto in the lead role. Now the project is suddenly moving forward. Walt Disney As the industry magazine Deadline reports, the Australian Gareth Davis has convinced those in charge at Disney to sign him as a director for a new "Tron" film. Davis has so far been known for smaller films - above all the six-time Oscar nominee "Lion". But according to the information from Deadline, the director really wanted the job - and was able to convince Disney to give him the chance to prove himself despite a lack of experience with projects of this magnitude. FIRST STEP, BUT NO GREEN LIGHT YET With this a project lives again that already seemed dead. After the cult film "Tron" from 1982 was continued in 2010 with "Tron: Legacy", a sequel that followed it failed. In 2017 a new attempt was decided: "Tron 3" as a kind of reboot with Jared Leto (which is why the final title should not contain a "3"). But in the end it didn't really make headway.

The New Tron Film With Jared Leto- Magazine Gossip

Davis builds on the 2017 idea. "Suicide Squad" joker Leto is still on board and will also produce the film. A current script by Jesse Wigutow (“It stays in the family”) is the starting point. However, Davis now has the task of developing the project further from this point on. At the deadline it is therefore pointed out that insiders emphasize that the green light has not yet been given. But it is a first step that makes it clear: The new "Tron" film is still to come! As soon as we wrote that it will probably not stay with the title “Tron 3”, there is a possible title: “Tron: Ares”. He comes to us personally via Jared Leto. He tweeted enthusiastically about the new project and named the film "Tron: Ares". The tweets were quickly deleted, however, because apparently this title is not yet intended for the public. Instead, there are two tweets on the actor's profile that do not include a title.

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