Welcome Spring With Black And White T- shirts

Black and white t-shirts never go out of style. Black, white and grey t-shirts are clothes that I have never given up and always have some of them in my closet. I buy more than one as long sleeves and short sleeves and I use to wear them in my everyday life. They can be used with jeans, skirts and shorts, as well as with fabric trousers and skirts, and it is possible to obtain different combinations with various jewellery and accessories.
My last order from Femmeluxefinery was only t-shirts. If you remember before, I bought black t-shirts and was very satisfied, so I wanted to order from different printed ones. You can read my article about it here.

                                      Black 'Sweetie' Slogan Print Crew Neck T-Shirt                                                              

                              White YeSaintWest Slogan Short-Sleeve Cropped Top                                                              

                                    White 'Babe' Slogan Print Crew Neck T-Shirt                                                              

White paradise print t-shirt - Cordelia

Black Paradise Print T-Shirt - Cordelia

Which one, black or white? I prefer both.

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