How To Prepare A Gift Basket? 7 Steps To The Perfect Gift Basket

How to Prepare a Gift Basket? Make Your Gift Basket At Home

As Valentine's Day is approaching, I thought to inform our visitors about the tricks of preparing a gift basket. I like the idea of ​​preparing a box or basket with various gift items. Of course, the good packaging of this increases its effect. You can prepare such a nice package for your spouse or your lover and send it to your home or workplace, put it under the bed and see it when you come home in the evening, you can take it out from your hiding place after having a romantic meal by yourself; whatever you want.
Wicker baskets are mostly preferred for this work and some coloured wood wool is placed at the bottom of the basket. You should also take a heat-shrink bag and a drawn bow and prepare a note-printed card. In the meantime, you should make sure that the size is enough for the gifts you will put in the basket.

Step by step to the perfect gift basket

It is not difficult to prepare a beautiful gift basket. "The Basket Company" site has prepared a nice video on this subject, I am preparing this article by getting ideas from that video.

1- First, lay the bottom of the basket with wood wool. I don't know, maybe coloured, thin wrapping papers might work.
Place the packaged gifts in the basket.

2- Place the nylon foil on a flat surface and put the basket at the bottom. Then straighten the basket upright. The basket should be placed at the bottom, right in the middle.

3- Pack the foil on top of the basket,  and taping its mouth.

4- Curl and tape the parts of the pot on the sides under the basket.

5- Then start a hairdryer and run it around the basket, then at the top and below. To avoid damaging the foil, be careful not to hold the machine for any length of time at any point.

6- Prepare the bow tie and tie it to the part of the foil that is shrunken with the threads on the side 2.

7- Finally, twist the hanging parts of the rope with the edges of a pair of scissors.

That's all. Thus, a beautiful gift basket will be created.

Valentine's Day Presents For Women-Valentine's Day 2020

You can apply this idea on any special occasion and at any time you want to give a gift to someone you love. This way, a birthday or wedding anniversary gift can also be prepared, as well as a Father's Day or Valentine's Day gift. You can also choose to use a nice box instead of a basket. You can use a packaging material that does not show inside, you can do the decoration in a different way. But be careful to make a nice packaging because what they say; presentation is important.

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